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More 'Fringe' musings
Peter was kidnapped from another reality by Walter and after over two decades of Stockholm Syndrome regards his kidnapper as his father. Walter's behaviour around Peter always seems tinged with regret, not for Walter's stay in the loony bin but for his crime. Walter got excited when Peter remembered the whale shaped pancakes. But was Peter remembering a fond memory with this Walter or his real father? How will Peter react when he learns Walter went to the alternate universe and found another version of his son to bring up as his own? That Walter essentially stole a replacement goldfish/son to order?

'New Moon' sneak peek reaction
Edward continues to be the abusive, controlling boyfriend. Bella's useless. Jacob can't act. These people need to go on Maury and get yelled at. Not Steve Wilkos though, nobody deserves that.

Lady GaGa 'Paparazzi' video
Now that was good. Very funny too.

I remember watching 'Kung Fu: The Legend Continues' back in the long, long ago of the 90's. The hair styles, the low low budget, the quasi profound dialogue, the sub William Shatner fight chorography, the sub-par acting and the plots that even 'Sunset Beach' would have rejected. But I did enjoy it, mostly for Chris Potter and his brooding and Kermit looking cute. Whoever would have though that David Carradine would end the way he did? Shame.

So the 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' dvd is on sale on July 27th? So when is it on tv? I have a feeling it will air when I'm on holiday. Stupid tv people. And don't even get me started on Gwen and her bad teeth being front and centre on the dvd cover.
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