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House Of Cards Season 4, part 3 + The Musketeers 3x07 Reviewed

Chapter 47
The distinctly nasty Thomas Yates is back in undramatic fashion. The Conways are ready for a confrontation. Yates is whiney and unsympathetic. The unnecessarily appalling Underwood continues his misfeasance. Claire has no personal spirit, realness or truth. I actively loathe Yates. Claire is opportunistic. Someone does a shirtless dance for no reason, an incredibly strange scene. Yates’ writing is foggy. Hammerschmidt talks to Zoë’s father.

Claire has no moral calculus. Does Underwood miss Meechum at all? Claire wants to replace Meechum in their lives with Yates. Zoë lived in a bad area. A mad homeless woman babbles. Hammerschmidt gets a lead, the NRA have complete spitefulness and Conway plots. Kate is doleful and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“She didn’t have any close friends at all.”

“There are very few people who understand us. Meechum was one.”


“Secret Service Agent Edward Meechum, a marine and my friend, was slain with the bullets from that very same gun.”

“The dead guy, the Secret Service guy.”

“We choose our path.”

Chapter 48
There is an open convention for Underwood’s VP. Doug finds a new obsession now he’s murdered Rachel. Yates is a toxic cloud of smug. Cathy is on to Underwood in this okay ep. It is mind-blowingly implausible that Claire could be VP. Yates is insufferable and a mumbler. Claire’s reputation is ever-swelling. The repellent Conways try to be functional opposition.

This was glorious nonsense. Kevin Spacey is full on ham. Conway is a reductive stereotype and stupefying dull. Seth plots. There is a telling aside during the convention.

Best Lines:
“Keyword amplifiers.”

“It’s only pride.”

“The people you collect.”

“The only reason people glorify Kennedy is because he got shot.”
“Well you’ve got that going for you too, now don’t you.”

Chapter 49
Seth is a dick. Underwood wears the FU cufflinks that Meechum gave him. Claire’s mother is dying. ICO rampage. Mrs Hale likes Yates who has no degree of complexity. There is an apparent unwillingness or inability to distinguish between personal and private advantage. Cathy has appalled surprise and she takes a non-negotiable stand. But Underwood is resilient. Hammerschmidt and Heather met; they know Meechum altered the travel logs.

Doug has poor coping skills and a volatile temper. Claire’s mother dies. Underwood shows Cathy what a psychopath he is with no nuanced delivery. The Underwoods treat their allies with insouciance and weary distain. This was merely inelegant.

Best Lines:
“I shoplifted a homecoming dress when I was 16, I experimented with a sorority sister in Freshman year.”

“Walker didn’t respect me.”

“That’s the story I want. Not some Secret Service man being loose with the books.”

“Where does it get us?”

“I got you that table.”

“Nobody believes it. And nobody ever will.”

“I will never ever forget. Do you understand now?”

Fool’s Gold
The foursome have no sober gentility. The goblin like musketeers hunt the evil sidekick. They encounter a village full of women and Athos hallucinates. Anne of Austria whines to make Louis make her regent. The foursome have incipient psychosis and absurd unconcern for moral arguments. There is a frustrating lack of narrative focus. Subtlety is jettisoned as is structured context and inexorable immediacy.

Refugee woman refuses to conform and challenges social norms. There is no emotional charge to this dull ep. Porthos is a doomster. They never leave anything alone. Treville is an ass. Feron’s funeral has still not been held. Louis reposes in bed. Treville has inherent absurdity. There is confused, sprawling and ill-lit violence. Anne of Austria would not be forgiven for what she had done, not in that era. Treville has a sheer amount of certainty in his own whining.

The village of women are not believably threatening. There are no occasional moments of human charm. Louis has a culture of memory. The doom-laden women are not a source of fascination. TPTB seem to rip off ‘The Witch’. This flagrantly revels in its own mediocrity. There are no creepily fascinating baddies. Nobody suffers sepsis from their injuries. Aramis does dramatic spitting. There is gold being looked for and the evil sidekick’s sob story origin story is revealed. There is bad acting and much of the sentiment is personal.

Best Lines:
“We don’t fail.”

“You wish to speak of this?”

“I’m no woman killer!”

“Queens have been beheaded for less.”

“I was never expecting love.”

“France married Spain.”
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