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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Wasted’ promo
A dude’s imaginary friend is Sean Bean. Hee.

Best Lines:
“I’m not saying it.”

“You scared my balls off.”

Gluten free chocolate cake - yum.
Peach Lemonade tictacs - no.

I will review ‘Spy’, ‘Lying In Wait’, ‘The Hatching’ and ‘Murder In The Mews’.

HMV has gone bust, again.

I won’t read ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’.

Recall ‘The Krypton Factor’ or ‘The Crystal Maze’ or the 1987-1990 ‘Knightmare’?

I didn’t know John McTiernan went to jail.

What’s ‘Let’s Be Evil’?

‘You’re Skitting Me’ isn’t good.

‘Masterchef’ Quotes:
“He’ll overdeliver.”

“That’s not a salad. That’s a bunch of basil.”

“Grandmother’s tiffin.”

‘The Herald’ Quotes:
“You flew across the floor like a rampant crab.”

“It was like watching a stork who had been struck by lightning.”

“He had gone off, armed with a poker.”

‘Bondi Rescue’ Quotes:
“They launched the jet ski.”

“The rescue board.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“He just wants to sit there.”

“Projecting the worst version of what they think women are.”

“Women on screen became a drag.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Aristocracy co-ordinator.”

“Mostly, ‘Do it again’.”

“Reward and simplify their abuse.”

“Bearded socialist men folk.”

“Offensive, insulting, irrelevant and positively cretinous.”

“Life is extinct.”


“Properly, properly hated.”

“Headline-grabbing insults.”


“Appropriately sombre manner.”

“Wafer worship.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Tater skins.”

“The haters made fun of me.”

“Visiting ERs in every state.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Deep geological storage facility.”

“No one must ever take this journey again, or at least, not for 100,000 years.”

“Guard it from human intervention for an impossible amount of time - more than 4,000 human generations.”

“About what will happen if they become too curious.”

“We have no idea what will happen in the next hundred thousand years, and what kind of societies will populate the planet, let alone how we might communicate with them.”

“No intuitive meaning and little recognition beyond those educated in its significance.”

“Will future civilizations heed the warning even if they do understand it.”

“Warn future generations about what is there.”

“This place is best shunned and left uninhabited.”

“Nothing valued is here.”

“Or worse, to incite curiosity.”

“Warnings hare an invitation.”

“Dire curses warning against it.”

“How do you remember to forget.”

“It looks too considered.”

“He disavowed his disavowal.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper is the screech owl of the street. Terese gets a toyboy. Piper threatens to gang-bang bikies unless Terese lets her shag Tyler. Piper should be thrown out on the street. She is such a loser. Karl and Toadfish go cycling wearing unflattering Lycra. They look like Bogans.
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