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Movie Reviews: The Rack Pack + Lovelace + 3 others

The Rack Pack (2016)
This BBC biopic tells of the surging popularity of snooker on television in the 70s/80s and the rivalry between milk drinking good guy Steve Davis and alcoholic self destructive bad boy junkie Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins. This has a good soundtrack and a hilarious Oliver Reed cameo. Alex has a long suffering wife and cannot cope with snooker being taken out of working men’s clubs and polished up for TV. He remains a stroppily unrepentant badboy until it ruins him but as the text at the end informs us, he got the romantic obituaries when he died in 2010. There is bad hair and Alex gets beaten up by a medallion man and as he is incapable of clean-cut behaviour, he has no place in the new snooker world. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Did a carrot f##k a snail up the arse?”

“It’s like strangling a lettuce.”

“That’s what the grannies like to see. A nice clean cut well dressed young man bending over a table.”

“I must ask you not to urinate in the sink.”

“Emotion is the enemy of success.”

“They all hate me.”

“Ginger twat.”

“Flair player.”

“That just means you miss.”

“I’m boring.”
“I know you are.”

Lovelace (2013)
This biopic is full of 70s anxieties. Linda has suffocating parents and meets the controlling Chuck. There is sex and nudity and Linda is never in the most ideal situation. This has a loud visual style and bad choices lead Linda to predictably destructive results. Chuck is not on the moral spectrum as he abuses Linda and forces her into bad situations and porn. Chris Noth, Amanda Seyfried, Hank Azaria, Adam Brody, James Franco, Robert Patrick, Eric Roberts, Sharon Stone and Debi Mazar co-star. People dress roadman style. Linda has a currency of prestige as porn breaks out of a niche. Hugh Hefner and some of the rat pack swan around. This film leaves you deeply uncomfortable. This film shows why Linda was mischaracterised so often and so blithely and how the film she is famous for is polluted.

Best Lines:
“What on earth do you have on?”

“Uptight idiots in the suburbs.”

“You like porno?”

“Oyster man.”

“It’s a titty bar.”

“Is she actually doing that?”

“I don’t have skills.”

“I was raised to obey my husband.”

War And Peace (1966 - 1967) part 2: Natasha Rostova
There is more bad dubbing, bizarre cinematography and Natasha throwing massive strops and crying. Pierre is drawn to her mercurial wildness. This had no human complexity. The plot has more complications than is strictly necessary.

Best Lines:
“Did you love that evil man?”

“An event completely opposed to human reason and human nature.”

Men At Work (1990)

Summer School (1987)
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