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The Living and The Dead 1x03
There is a creepy folk song and more half-baked ignorant prejudice. There’s mad babbling in an emotive context, nobody communicating acceptable emotions and something in the lake. Colin Morgan swims around in his underwear. The painful aspects of the era are clear and a watcher watches. There is a derelict mill and there is no convincing evidence that the wife is of her era. Nathan and Charlotte shrug off dead fish.

Things cause conflict. This show has a false premise; I’m not sure what yet. I hope questions will not remain unanswered. A mother smothers her son’s ambition. The crop is nearly ruined and a disturbed man’s mother has no consideration. Bugs are killed with sugar. There are no richly detailed performances just falsehoods and previous responsibilities, self-validating idiots, rapid generalisations and sense is less and less possible. Logic is travestied, hope has foundered for a decent ep and Charlotte takes an old style pregnancy test and Gabriel shows up. No, no and no again.

Best Lines:
“Discussing me.”

“The bad harvest of 62.”

“The crop has been cursed.”

“Hatching mischief.”

“You made me eat worms.”

“The plagued harvest.”

“That’s lunatic talk.”

“Never return to my land.”

Containment (2016) 1x01

This was bad and a disappointment. Day 13 = chaos. Day 1 sees a plague break out in Atlanta. This has a nice title card. Claudia Black stars in this adaptation of the show ‘Cordon’. Various selfish, shallow and self-absorbed people make up the hopefully doomed ensemble.

There is bad ADR. Black plays a specialist with a bad bleach job and a bad US accent. This does not evoke shades of character just a deluge of apocalyptic clichés. There are ‘cute’ kids who do a sing song, people are unhesitatingly stupid and there is no total authenticity. This was all artifice and a hospital has no isolation wards.

Who is Patient Zero? Idiot shrieking women shriek. Irritating kids run around. A truly annoying teacher annoys. The disease turns you rabid and kills you. Where did this pathogenic virus come from? Is it a bioweapon? The teacher has a stupid son. A pregnant teenager is stupid. Parts of the city are placed under a cordon sanitaire.

Best Lines:
“I haven’t heard anything about it.”
“You will.”

“Home quarantine procedure.”

“Fatal in 100% of its victims.”

“Some guy just seized 4 feet from my face!”

“Do a better job of showing it.”

“A guy who loves a girl who loves to leave.”

“Elevated concern.”

House Of Cards Season 4 Review, part 2

Chapter 43
Meechum is the head of Underwood’s protection detail. He and Underwood hang out. Meechum seems incapable of engaging in dialogue and his loyalty is irreproachable but his involvement with the Underwoods comes to the logical endpoint. Seth is an ass. Meechum and his quietism is alluringly unknowable and elusive. Underwood is a pitiless predator full of human arrogance and ill-gotten power. Leann operates in the shadows.

Claire as VP is a ridiculous idea. Heather rants about her deeply held convictions and cherished ideals. Leann wants to play with the big boys. She has no profound insight. Claire has no rationality. Lucas piteously tries to save the country from Underwood’s dread hand. He shoots Underwood and kills Meechum. Farewell Meechum, the mercilessly exploited loyal acolyte. Ratfink Lucas is killed by Meechum before he dies. Claire uses the shooting as an excuse to feather her own nest. Meechum’s co-workers called him Eddie. Claire speaks to his family. This was good. Blythe is acting POTUS. Poor Meechum was extremely loyal because he owed his position to FU’s patronage and look where it got him.

Best Lines:
“Your job is not to dissuade me.”

“I’m choosing to believe you.”

“I’m not touching this Heather.”


“Do you expect me to console you?”

Chapter 44
No Nathan Darrow in the opening credits. Whaa! Lucas left a highly incriminating suicide note full of sensational claims. It was his excuse for perpetrating his appalling act. Underwood needs a liver transplant. This was all moral ugliness. The Underwoods are predators in human guises. The acting POTUS Blythe has inadequacy. Claire does deliberate manipulation. There is a gas crisis. Petrov makes unpromising statements. This was not chillingly accurate. There are serious civic consequences, false warnings and Underwood hallucinates. Claire is awful. Seth tries to man up in over-contrived fashion. Leann blackmails Remy. Heather is awful and her campaign is all but over. Tusk resurfaces. Tom and Kate talk. Doug attacks Seth with forensic deliberateness. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“But you didn’t and you can’t now.”

“His brain is swimming in a pool of unprocessed ammonia.”

“I know things Doug.”
“Nothing you can prove. Now threaten me again.”

“Scoring major sympathy points.”

“I want those states back.”

“Whatever bug she put up there won’t crawl out.”

“Edward’s sacrifice is the only reason my husband is still alive.”

“The Lucas I knew wouldn’t have tried to kill a president.”

Chapter 45
Doug is determined that Underwood get a new liver. Claire has no moral backbone as she gets into gritty grimy stuff. Underwood is in a dark psychological state. Claire has absolutism and autocracy. Jackie is unrelentingly negative. Everything is inimical to the conduct of democratic government. Jackie is sexually shamed and obstructive. Underwood hallucinates Zoë and her bad haircut and Peter Russo. Heather is in trouble. Cathy gets no earned respect. Heather is vocal about her dislike for Underwood and is damned for complicity. There are no just outcomes. Claire goes on a tirade in unpalatable fashion, she feels vindicated. Underwood knows Meechum is dead. No to this.

Best Lines:
“Then let him die.”

“He is morally corrupt.

“She’s done.”
“Without a doubt.”

Chapter 46
Heather is done. The ghastly Conways (the Republican nominees) show up. Underwood has recovered very rapidly. ICO are a threat in Syria. The Underwoods shamelessly exploit Meechum’s death. Underwood visits Meechum’s grave for a photo op. There are false narratives, unceasing misery and no significant life changes for Underwood. Janine resurfaces. There is no astonishing candour and Conway is a definitive chronicler of his life. Conway ups the ante. This was okay. There is a flashback to 2012.

Best Lines:
“I saw Edward Meechum die before my very eyes.”

“This is the gun that killed Agent Edward Meechum.”

“That was before everything.”

Supernatural 11x13

Love Hurts
God has a sister? There is bad acting and sexism in this ep as the duo deal with witchcraft and murder. Sam and Dean talk about their feelings. This was mmmmm. There is a bad title card. Dean is a stupid, conflicted slob. TPTB do love to do him down. There is a curse and a reveal.

Best Lines:
“Unattached drifter Christmas.”

“I can taste her mom lipstick.”

“Fake offended.”

“Witch killing bullets.”

Houdini & Doyle 1x09

The trio head to America and then Canada to deal with a woman accused of murder. Someone murdered the female cops’s husband, or not. Houdini’s mother is dead. Edison shows up. There are modern views on DV. This is all vacuities.
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