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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Creature Below’ teaser
A woman and a monster and blood. WTF?

Viral’ trailer
A worm flu warning. There is quarantine, idiot kids, a gun and this looks good.

Best Lines:
“It’s going to make me hurt you.”

“Avoid infected at all cost.”

“They’ve closed all the roads.”

“Lock every window and every door in that house.”

“It turns you into something else.”

“I can feel it inside of me.”

‘Someone Knows My Name’ promo

‘Containment’ 1x02 promo
A full square mile is under quarantine and more stupidity.

Don’t Tell The Bride’ promo
Oh, just stop.

‘Red Rock’ opening credits

‘The Magicians’ promo

‘The Living and The Dead’ 1x04 promo

Best Line:
“You are trespassing against God and nature.”

Sour Cream & Black Pepper popcorn - yum.
Beef sandwiches - good.
Gluten free vanilla and strawberry granola - okay.
Hazelnut yogurt - bland.
Gluten free lemon and poppy seed cake - bland.

Nemo dat guod non habet - No one gives what he doesn’t have.

I’ve no interest in the film ‘From Beyond’, or the books ‘The Black House’, ‘Bleeding Skull’ or the new Melinda Snodgrass novel or the ‘Veronica Mars’ books or ‘Wasteland King’.

I don’t like the ‘11.22.63’ DVD art.

Sally Beauman is dead?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Eating non-nutritive things.”

“Admissions against interest.”

“Did you purposefully fail?”

“A mother who just didn’t want him.”

“I didn’t have time to be crying.”

“That seems odd.”

“Dealing drugs as well.”

“Hate sites.”

“Plastic surgery family.”

“To define the interactive history.”

“Targets of the media.”

“Disgusting piece of trash.”

“Opionated testimony.”

“Imminently dangerous conduct.”

“Accidents happen around you.”

“Emotional utterances.”

“Admissions against interest.”

“Conscious assumption of risk.”

‘Sleeping With The Family’ Quote:
“You do everything wrong.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Came to seem very frivolous very quickly.”

“He begged for his reputation.”

“He triggers such rancour.”

“Mortifying credulity.”

“Believed democratic capitalism was the destination to which all of history had been travelling.”

“Political infamy.”

“Bleak as they might be.”

“Impervious to factual refutation.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“You are forgotten and unwanted.”

“Trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback.”

“Accused of causing criminal damage to flowerpots.”

“We appear to be a nuisance.”

“Disregarding the consequences of their heedless actions on others.”

“Government sources are not unhappy.”

“You won’t and you know you won’t.”


“There was no comeback from that.”

“He sees your worthiness.”

‘In Conquest Born’ Quotes:
“I regret the day I chose to let you live to adulthood!”

“He hates me!”
“As is proper.”

“You are everything we feared in the infancy of our tradition, so terribly that we were willing to sacrifce our own children to see that you never came among us.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“We were often presented as adversarial.”

“Change the clinical presentation.”

“End the lineage.”

“Do you accept dental fillings as currency?”

“His clever tactic of starting each day looking like he slept in his car.”

“Will be killed to sever the animal’s bloodline.”

“She said exactly that, clearly and definitively and on tape.”

“Hostile-environment training course.”

“How to look normal, un-styled and real.”

“Filter bubble.”

“Unstyled styling.”

“Normally you wouldn’t go to a deserted alley at 3am. That shouldn’t change just because an app said you should.”

“Gin-soaked, golf obsessed halfwit.”

“So intensely unwanted.”

“Spiteful mouths.”

“I couldn’t get my concerns listened to.”

“Social rent.”

“You’re a liar, and we know you are.”

“The wrong sort of residents.”

“Pre-existing beliefs.”

“Fake news farms.”

“Free of any attributable evidence.”

“Acted as gatekeepers who passed judgement on what ideas could be publicly discussed.”

“Were often imperious in refusing space to arguments.”

“Their sense of civic duty is never a given, and must always be proved.”

“This cathedral to mediocrity.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Jimmy is hit by a car and it is treated with all the drama of Timmy falling down the well on ‘Skippy The Bush Kangaroo’. Piper is supercilious and offensive and causes emotional mayhem. She takes after joyless Brad. Since when are Xanthe and Piper BFF’s? Piper is obsessed with thicko Tyler. I’m sick of Piper and her squinting angry eyes. She drags down everyone around her.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste slinks around in a grubby tracksuit obviously on drugs. Tony and Diane annoy. Lisa dresses like a 1970s Pam Grier. Cleo prances. Why do TPTB regard Ste with a certain affection? Ste yells at Harry and overlooks he is a cradle-snatcher. Tony is an inestimable moron. Tegan has a bad dye-job and is a massive irritation. Tegan’s brat did not eat Ste’s crystal meth. Could it look more expected? Where is Peri’s baby?

Cameron gets angry. Lisa has no consideration of consequences. Ste is selfish and Nico finds his lost crystal meth. Nico is a caricatured nutter. Is Tegan still on coke? Nico falls in the pond. Nico recovers from the meth and so Sienna loves her and forgives her and brings her home. Maxine glowers. Diane heads off to France with the children alone for 6 months. Tony stays behind to help Harry with Ste and his incessant drug use. There is no quiet hope that this will improve. Ste is not profoundly sad. Lisa and her gaudy lifestyle is utterly majestically annoying. Is nobody wondering where Nico got meth?

Best Lines:
“Forget wannabe-me.”

“Daddy doesn’t scare me.”

“Our childhood is over.”

“Cooked insects.”

“Some corny 1990s movie.”

“It’s nice that.”
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