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The Musketeers 3x06 + House Of Cards Season 4 Review, part 1 + Madam Secretary(2014-?)1x01 Reviewed

Death Of A Hero
Some men just refuse to die. There is moral unease and Constance is made of bimbo fabric. The foursome has stoic blankness and Athos has lost his impassioned fury. Feron plots. Aramis takes his shirt off and what sis revealed is wholly without merit. Constance is Lady Macbeth without the charm. How does Athos have an emotional bond with the controversy monger woman? The hyperbutch foursome has no winsome charm. Athos is a bit useless as captain. Bad life decisions are made.

The sidekick with the insalubrious reputation will not die. Gaston has no moral vision and Feron utters dryly wry comical dialogue. Season 2 ratcheted up the formidableness of the adversaries, season 3: not so much. Treville is useless and has anxieties of leadership. The King has the incurable cough of death. Anne of Austria is loud and persistent. The musketeers are not sophisticated adversaries and are strikingly unrepentant in their awfulness.

Nobody cares about Aramis and Anne of Austria’s sorrowful yearnings. Baddies have surreal derangement in this drolly compelling ep. Nobody has cool competence or acuity. There is bad first aid. D’artagnan is unsuitably dull. There are no courtly manners just crude personal ambition and corn-pone westerns are ripped off.

Anne of Austria wears a nice gold and sapphire necklace. Louis knows Anne of Austria cuckolded him. There is an explosion and I swear I saw a shoe fly out. Louis walks around a very dramatic church. Louis sings hymnal praises to Feron. Long planned schemes go awry. There is mid-life despair, handholding and very angry statements. This was good. Anne of Austria and Aramis are shameless and there is no security culture.

Aramis affronts credulity with Machiavellian circularity. There are unsavoury situations and invariably unpleasant people which leads to a toxic nexus. Someone unexpectedly meets a grim fate due to a lack of morals. There is posing and dark times ahead.

Best Lines:
“Forces are gathering that pose a great threat.”

“You cannot afford weakness now.”

“You boys are expensive to feed.”

“I’m angry now.”

“We ride hard.”

“That’d just be stupid.”

“He is my son, not yours.”

“A true son of France.”

“He will have a full state funeral. Nothing spared.”

“You play no part in his life, even when I’m dead.”

“The King has hated me for 5 years.”

“Ignored or slighted at every turn.”

“They won’t kill us today.”


“The only one who has not betrayed me.”

“Provide him with wise council.”

“Death has a grip on me.”

“You only exist to serve my purpose.”

“She endured you.”

“Shaming your own wife.”

“But you did it all the same.”

Chapter 40
Lucas is in jail reading porn to his violent cellmate. Underwood is really fat and angry. Meechum is still Underwood’s adoring personal protection detail and anything else. Claire hires Leann (Neve Campbell) to run her campaign for undeserved political office by getting the seat of a retiring politician (Cicly Tyson). Lucas gets a deal to get out of jail. Seth plots. Doug plots. Claire is awful and so is her mother (Ellen Burstyn). This was good.

Best Lines:
“We neglected to adjust.”

“Tell me I’ve been heard.”

“It doesn’t warrant a response.”

“She might as well be living in that trailer park you come from.”

“Not even being President could give you any class.”

Chapter 41
Patrician biddies sneer. Underwood’s mother-in-law has longstanding opposition to him. Jackie is persistently annoying. Claire has fearsome vigour but no talent. There is no appalled admiration for their awfulness. Underwood has never met the bottom of a barrel he wouldn’t scrape. What about Jackie’s husband and stepchildren? Remy annoys. Underwood sabotages Claire’s hopes. Claire and her sharp suits, dyed golden hair, glacial haughtiness and clipped diction show her up as the entitled bourgeois lizard she is. Petrov resurfaces. Claire threatens to sell her mother’s house from under her. There is screeching and turban ripping off. This was okay.

Chapter 42
Ambition has destroyed the Underwood’s desire for each other. Leann uncovers a safety box secret. Lucas prostitutes himself for a car. This is a vast improvement over season 3. A scandal erupts. Lucas tells his ravings to Heather, she’s got audacity. Lucas cries. Seth is a dick and tries to blame Meechum for his misdeeds. He doesn’t know about Meechum and Underwood’s special relationship. Claire wants to be VP. Spacey overemotes. Claire is unseemly, meddlesome and crazed with power-lust. She is a scheming steely amoral harpy. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Another 6 points on the Anger Index.”

“And what if we do?”

“I am no longer comfortable with this.”

“Meechum. Shh.”

“You don’t deserve it.”

The beginning of this tale of how a former CIA analyst is forced to juggle an international crisis and her family after being made Secretary of State. Her husband is Tim Daly and she is Tea Leoni which means the acting isn’t that good. Was her predecessor murdered? This was oversaturated with sap and has very dated Syria references.

Best Lines:
“You have no such ambition.”

“They’re always detaining some Westerner who had no business being there.”

“The importance of non-communication.”

“How unsuccessful?”

“That’s unsettling.”

“Operation Stupid Kids.”

“Think our private thoughts.”
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