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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Trek Beyond’ TV spot

‘Specsavers’ ad
This ‘Fawlty Towers’ inspired ad raises a chuckle.

‘Containment’ promo
Please be good.

‘Home Of The Year’ opening credits

‘Crystal Surprise’ ad
So very sparkly!

‘Disney Princess’ ad

‘Monster House’ (2006) promo

‘Brief Encounters’ promo

Peach flavour ice tea - okay.
Chewits Xtreme Sour Apple - good.
Lime candy - okay.

I will review ‘House Of Cards’ season 4, ‘And I Darken’ and ‘New Pompeii’,

What is ‘The Chamber’ movie?

‘The Wine Show’ is okay and we finally hear Matthew Rhys’ real accent.

WTF is Viber?”

Bollos de cuajad - cheese balls.

WTF is sophrologist?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I shamed my daughter.”

“One of the dumbest people on Earth.”

“Give me a credible explanation.”

“Did you get upset and burn their Christmas presents?”

“Weren’t grateful enough.”

“You weren’t vigilant.”

“I was a coffee mug thrower.”

“I thank you for that candour.”

‘Scre4m’ Quotes:
“I never said I was in your closet.”

“The school’s hot chick savaged beyond recognition.”

“Where you come from?”
“The front door.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Whose popularity far exceeds her own.”

“That forgives a lot of sins.”

“Had sabotaged his steaks.”

“He’s playing the insulted sausage.”

“So incompetent and incapable.”

“Perception of adequate will not be shared by all.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quotes:
“Wearing frilly blouses unironically.”

“After five years something is bad, after ten it is ghastly but after 25 years it starts to look interesting again.”

“Online hermit.”

“Messy/boho/edgy look.”


“Crucially their motivations and desires are misunderstood, or completely ignored.”

“Crop kick jeans.”

“The deep empty.”

“Ancient Egyptian women wore bracelets of tiny turquoise pyramids linked with delicately carved hawks to guide them through the hereafter.”

“Career costumes.”

“Wants to maintain her protein quota.”


“More importantly post a selfie on Instagram - backlit, of course.”

“Le Foot.”

“They’re glamping on the Laikipia plains. Does that mean there will be plugs for her GHD straightening irons?”

“A future chance to show off his superiority.”

“Nurses shout and roar at their patients.”

“There is no tradition of the caring nurse.”

‘Electric Barracuda’ Quote:
“A husband doesn’t hose out the trunk of the family car at midnight every two weeks, saying you ‘hit another animal’.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paige and Laure are evil temptresses. Only Father Jack’s boss has an issue with Paige trying to ruin a man’s religious vows. Madison lurks like a cat’s fart. Tom Quill and Aaron fawn over each other. Brad and Lauren befoul a hot-tub. Paige is pretty terrible and woos Father Jack with her tramp stamp. Brad has unrealistic expectations. Brad, Lauren and Paige are foul - all their other family members have been driven away or killed off. Paige is disgusting and invokes outright hostility.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste is hectic and tiresome and obviously on crystal meth. Sonia wants a job. Leela has total reluctance to see sense. Nothing seems fascinating and important. There’s intentional misconduct. Where is Peri’s baby? Grace’s brothers are extremely untrustworthy. Hypnotoad annoys beyond any reasonable level. Nico steals and plots. Neeta stays with Mac the violent jealous nutter.

Sienna has forgotten that Nico killed Carly. Nico is homeless? Why doesn’t she call social services? Sienna is defined by crazy. Leela’s pregnant and Ste tells her to get rid of it. Ste is an ass with characteristic bluntness. Warren Fox lurks in a hoodie. Jade and Peri fight. Maxine broke up with ‘Mike’ and then changes her mind. I hate Ste so fundamentally. There is always some kind of drama going on with him. Cameron goes on an extraordinary rant about his cunning plan.

Leela’s house is Ste’s home how exactly? Cameron has no dry menace and is ill-intended and into moral harassment and emotional disquiet. Mercedes looks forward to feisty fingers and is a housewife. Kim lurks. Ste has faux contrition. Esther recognises a bullying victim when she sees one. Real Lisa is an ass and defiles the hot tub. Ste has always struck me as indecent. Where did George go? Ste twitches and has an over-whelmingly hostile attitude and vituperative nature. Surely his reputation is damaged beyond repair by now. Nobody permits a consideration of the possibility that Ste is an addict.

Has Joe wrecked the business? Kim’s a nurse surely she’d notice Ste’s obvious druggy status. Tegan doesn’t care about Dee-Dee or Ste. Ste asks Cameron for drug money. Lisa wears short-shorts. Ste is disgracefully irresponsible and robs the garage. Sonia is sacked. What became of Ruby? Cameron suggests Hamish as his name for their unborn child. Is Lockie’s body still rotting in the lake where Cameron dumped it? Ste sweats and his obvious drug use should be beyond dispute. Harry is too thick is notice and doesn’t draw the right contemporary lessons. Lisa is downright awkward.

Best Lines:
“Job history: call girl, con woman, burger flipper.”

“You fester in this room.”

“He’s back on drugs as well?!?”


“Just a little slut.”

“Just some homeless skank.”

“Give it up. You’ve lost.”

“Bone-idle brats.”

“Some free-loading faker.”

“Her nappies are nuclear.”

“I do love being around your dysfunctional family.”

“What a twisted cow you are.”

“Toxic nappies.”
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