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Movie Reviews: Arbitrage + Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights + 2 others

Arbitrage (2012)
Richard Gere stars in his half-interesting tale of a financer with a double life and money problems. His vehement confident masquerade cracks revealing that he is affrighted. He seeks desperate relief from the polite indicators of trouble. It’s a daunting prospect and has a high risk profile. He grows increasingly frustrated and things get worse.

Best Lines:
“I’m a child of the 50s.”

“They knew that bad things would happen.”

“I’m here.”
“Guess what’s not.”

“Do you want to be the richest guy in the cemetery?”

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
A prequel to the original. It is 1958 and a girl’s family movie to Cuba. Romola Garai, Sela Ward, John Slattery and January Jones star. Garai was treated badly by TPTB which taints this film from the start. There is no moral influence just a subsidence of ambitions. There is a clique of terribly awful people who create effortful discomfort. This has no thrilling integrity as rich kids demean themselves and the heroine’s over-perfectionism is disconcertingly thoughtful. This unavoidably fails to live up to the original.

Stand By Me (1986)
An okay coming of age tale based on Stephen King’s novella ‘The Body’. This has a forgone conclusion and parents with an incapacity for love.

Meet The Parents (2000)
This is full of horrible people.
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