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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Trek Beyond’ TV spot

‘The BFG’ TV spot

The Living and the Dead’ 1x03 promo
Uh, looks empty and meaningless.

Best Line:
“This place is damned.”

‘The Last Ship’ season 3 promo
Mmmm, more tragedy to come.

‘The Sentinel’ (2006) promo
No, agonisingly frustrating.

‘Man Down’ promo
Infectious phrases.

‘Jason Bourne’ TV spot
Practiced blankness and actual seriousness of purpose. Where is Jeremy Renner?

Coca-cola Zero - yuk.

Rob Lowe has joined ‘Code Black’.

Fame is a mask that eats into your face.

I may give the ‘Lethal Weapon’ TV show a go.

I want to see ‘The Magicians’ TV show.

‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ (1993-1997) was not good.

Created white sapphire is pretty.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Two warring camps under one roof.”

“They met on their wedding day.”

“Not the life I pictured.”

“Tolerate each other.”

“Outcome is rarely what you anticipate.”

“I’m the head of the household.”

“Like I’m an evil witch.”

“Move a mother-in-law in.”

“I did not want to be around them.”

“Living in draped areas in the basement.”

“Who left a piece of cake in the basement.”

“Us against them.”

“Works against everything that I do.”

“See us as the enemy.”

“She doesn’t have a room.”

“Shows him no respect.”

“Questioning an adult.”

“I didn’t really know him.”

“I have 3 and ½ walls.”

“On the other side of a curtain.”

“Gum left in the sink.”

“5 marriages between them.”

“Refuses to do anything except eat and lay on the couch.”

“Completely give it up.”

“Want unity in our home.”

“Take my authority away.”

“Can’t fall off the floor.”

“Done nothing right.”

“Pervert’s row.”

“A butt tuck.”

“I’ll just whore up.”

“Fake money all over the floor.”

“Accused her of killing your mother.”

“A thief, a liar and a troll.”

“Probably even killed her.”

“Crew refused to shoot in the house for health reasons.”

“Tore the carpet out of our mother’s bedroom.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Threatens the social, emotional and physical health of individuals, families and communities.”


“Non-judgemental sexual encounter.”

“Sexual anxieties.”

“One whose 24 years in parliament may have been spent in cryogenic suspension for all the impact she has had on national consciousness.”

“Creeping along pathetically towards a mediocre destination.”

“Not known for co-operation.”

“Obstructive power.”

“Depth of estrangement.”

“Drastic warning sign of the EU’s ongoing erosion.”

“No sign of self-criticism.”

“Put on hold any substantive discussion.”

“Mortal stain.”

“Would consider the deep unsuitability.”

“Dangerous for the future.”

“The relevance of this is not understood.”

‘The Magician’s Land’ Quote:
“Dreaming of a future very different from the one he now inhabited.”

“I can’t even find his keys! I can’t even get into the basement!”

“The last living direct descendant of the famous Chatwins of the Fillory books.”

“In neurotic seclusion.”

“Getting increasingly less respectable.”

“Compounding her stupidity with more stupidity.”

“And there was something else - something down there is the black abyssal trenches of the ocean. Something that wanted to rise.”

“But at least I’m not a weird recluse who yells at people.”

“I love you like the brother I never had or wanted.”

“To honest expression of authentic human emotion.”

“The last argument of Kings.”

“Sometimes an exit line just feels de troup, you know?”

“How he became what he was?”

“Looking sufficiently pathetic and unthreatening.”

“That would be a welcome sight: my long-lost brother and sister and the two Great Rams of Fillory, aflame with power, marching abreast on Berlin to chivvy Hitler out of his bunker like a stoat.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quote:
“He’s just worthless to her.”

“Reckless driving to endanger.”

“He looks like a thug.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quote:
“With no sense of shame or boundaries.”

‘Teen Titans Go’ Quotes:
“You are die.”

“It is most irritating.”

‘Us & Them’ Quotes:
“Your bladder with ache with sadness when you pet it out.”

“A river of panties and puke.”

“A hipster with a beard talking about local meats.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese and Gary need to apologise and have emotional substance. Everyone hates Paul. Terese is awful. Toadfish is a terrible husband. Piper is selfish. Paul’s personal history has not been without challenges. Madison is a bitch and so is Terese. Daniel is STILL distancing himself from Paul - what a toerag. Piper bristles that Terese is opposed to her sexual interaction with Tyler. Toadfish whines that Sonya won’t sex him up. He is an incredibly damaging tool. Xanthe is a bimbo. Amy has blank silence. Sonya needs to divorce Toadfish and his cold, inalterable will. How is Madison family to Terese? Toadfish rejects Sonya. He resents her having a job. Paige is a slut, so it’s genetic. Coldies = beer in oz slang. Brad, Lauren and Paige plan to make Father Jack break his vows. Paige sluts it up and is priest shamed. Shonky is slang for something, but I have no idea what.

Best Lines:
“Good men aren’t interested in girls like you.”

“Dad’s complicated and self-absorbed.”

“There are no deets.”

“Pretty fly for a wi-fi.”

“This tea is as hot as Zayn Malik.”

“Acting out of anger and injustice.”

“Those who didn’t support me.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: where is Curtis? Grace is honed by fury. Grace’s brothers are subjected to righteous denunciations. Harry is a dick. Warren Fox arouses no sense of expectation. Ste is on the crystal meth. This plot is an underworked idea. Ste is angry at Harry for cheating ignoring how he himself cheated on Doug and John-Paul. The blunt truth is that Ste needs to go.

What does Warren Fox’s key open? I care less deeply. Warren Fox tried to murder Mitzeee? He is shown disrespect by Sienna. Warren Fox dated Mitzeee? Harry is irritating and Ste has destructive intent. Maxine never saw a photo of Mitzeee’s boyfriend Warren Fox? Marnie annoys, Mac erupts at Neeta and attacks Grace’s brother. Another violent drunk man, charming. Cue waves of trauma. Maxine has fallen for Warren Fox’s fake persona.

Best Lines:
“Allow yourself to care.”

“I don’t do family.”

“What did you do?”


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