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Book Reviews: From a Drood to a Kill + Roadside Magic

From A Drood To A Kill by Simon R. Green
In a cold act of contempt the plot described on the back cover doesn’t kick in until the last 90 pages. Eddie Drood and Molly are intransigent and regularly lose all reason in this latest ‘Secret Histories’ novel. The plot of Eddie’s long lost parents is dragged out some more. There are yet more hints about the Merlin Glass and the source of the Drood’s power. Odd disparate things are thrown together in the plot.

One of Eddie’s support and assistance characters who Eddie under-appreciated dies, causing emotional fallout and brief contemplative moments. There are enough decent set-pieces to justify this book’s existence and it is surprisingly decent. But yet again no destiny shaping decisions are made and Eddie’s rabidity and general loutishness are chillingly unchanged. There are no ominous showdowns of will and no moral horror to match the moment earlier in the series when the original source of the Drood’s power was revealed.

There is bad intent and portentousness, no mortal danger just petty disputes. Somehow we’re meant to overlook that supposedly responsible adult Eddie is a twisted man with a talent for hurting and that Molly is the worst human being you could ever imagine. Eddie doesn’t do reflective rumination for long and I wish Green would do something with the ominous groundwork he keeps laying and never doing anything with.

Best Lines:
“I could hear voices calling my family name, and not in a good way.”

“Droods are trained to win.”

“Staring back at me, with intent.”

“Butt out, hippy,”

“They do seem to be very angry indeed.”

Roadside Magic by Lilith Saintcrow
Book 2 of the ‘Gallow & Ragged’ series is bland compared with Book 1. Gallow lurches around being harrowing and important and having dubious associates. The irritating faithless bint Robin Ragged is in grave risk as she does not trust anyone and craves milk. This whole thing was a ghastly miscalculation. Nobody has any moral principle and this had no creative élan. This hole-filled narrative causes consummate boredom. The sidhe are disorderly and unforthcoming and morally flexible and create fearfests. I will read Book 3 though; hopefully it’ll be significantly better.

Best Lines:
“Or so some of the Sidhe said, affecting at prophecy.”

“Such questions were pointless, but could only be used against you if they were spoken."
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