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The Tudors Season 3 Ep 6 Review

Joss Stone is in the credits despite not being in the ep. Suffolk and Henry moan about their lost youth, I expect viewers are supposed to overlook their waxed abs, Hollywood teeth, shiny hair and facials. The Pole family are arrested. Suffolk is shown to be Catholic despite the fact, he wasn't. It seems that two years have gone by since Queen Jane's death. Was Henry in his room for two years?!? Henry thinks to marry Christina of Milan but Cromwell suggests marrying Anne of Cleeves to seal an alliance with the Protestant League.

Christina of Milan refuses to marry Henry noting the quick deaths of Henry's previous three queens. One believed to have been poisoned, one innocently executed and one died due to lack of care in childbirth. She dismisses Henry's diplomat sniffing: "If I had two heads, one would be at his Majesty's service." Meanwhile Henry is bed-ridden with his leg ulcer. Suffolk fears that if the King dies, some will be for Edward and some for Mary (no-one apparently will be for Elizabeth). Henry recovers and does a royal pose and wave with Edward, during this scene I could swear one extra in the crowd shouted: "Long live Prince William."

Mary rants about burning Cromwell. But the black axe is rising over Cromwell as Henry has one of his friend's burnt. Henry then smugs and gloats to Cromwell while sucking down oysters in a disgusting fashion. Cromwell broods. Cardinal Pole weeps as his machinations got his family executed.

This was an okay ep, packed with plot. Poor Cromwell, we will miss you.

Fashion Tips
Edward's blinged out cradle
Christina of Milan's dress and headwear.
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