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Book Reviews: Katherine Swynford + Apotheosis

Katherine Swynford: The Story of John of Gaunt and his scandalous Duchess by Alison Weir
This is a tale of John of Gaunt, one of the sons of Edward III and the father of the future Henry IV. He has a lifelong devotion to his long term mistress Katherine Swynford who would in time become his 3rd wife. Their bastard children would in time produce the Tudor line. This is a tale of high ranked medieval nobles, considerable affection, disputation between Richard II and his nobles that would start the War of the Roses and a woman who would obtain social currency despite being an infamous mistress.

Because they are of such great antiquity much about them and their love is inconclusive but Weir genuinely strives to show a tale of a couple who would be the ancestors of many rulers of Europe and a profound influence on the history of England. This was good despite some repetition and odd spellings.

Best Lines:
“Other excesses that are not to be named.”

“Richard had to be restrained from running the Ambassador through with his sword and transforming him into a second Thomas a Becket.”

Apotheosis: Stories of survival after the Rise of the Elder Gods edited by Jason Andrew
This cthulhu-mythos anthology is a negative narrative for humanity after the irrevocable return of the Elder Gods.

The Smiling People
In a city surrounded by a wall of the dead, people try to escape the hideousness and uselessness and self-delusion of their lives. Okay.

Best Line:
“No one comes to see if I’m alright.”

The Pestilence of Pandora Peaslee
A woman won’t grimly accept the situation like others have. Even the conquerors are aghast at the lengths she will go to defeat them. This was mediocre.

Daily Grind
A shrink tries to keep a critical distance, from the horrors. This was okay if confusing.

What Songs We Sing
An individual learns the dubious moral value of their existence. There is misrepresentation and miscomprehension and maybe even hope. This was okay.

Dilution Solution
A confusing tale of people who live cheerfully with the result of the change.

Earth Worms
The end of the world and some cruel revelations. This was good.

An uninteresting tale of a toxic and dangerous future, full of details that don’t mean anything.

Footprints In The Snow
A child tells stories of a better place. Are her grandiloquent tale-bearings true? This was goodish, though I didn’t understand the ending.

Best Line:
“Roads few living souls still dared to travel.”

To The Letter
A man tries to save his family from the dread aliens. His impetuous plan goes awry. This was good.

Best Line:
“All those who fall within allowable IQ range.”

The Balm of Sperrgebiet is The Krokodil
A tale of endurance and desolate determination to live. Not good at all.

Of The Fittest
A man returns home to an unresolved fate. This was good.

People with utter fearlessness try to go to church. There are those who have grave contempt for this idea. This was not satisfactory.

Paradise 2.0
An okay tale of the illusionary power of hope.

The Divine Proportion
An OCD troubled man woman makes wild surmises as reality crumbles. This was okay but rushed.

The Resistance And The Damned
A bad tale of the constraints of a new wildly different world.

Twilight Of The Gods
A tale of the hard limits a man learns he has in a new world. There is no deep primal trauma.

Venice Burning
An insane stream of consciousness babble. This had no more barely restrained menace.
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