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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Shallows’ trailer
At a remote beach, a surfer is menaced by a great white. There is bad cgi and a voice-over about self-reliance. Maybe.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ trailer
Simon Pegg looks OLD. There is an annoying song and that damn motorbike. Maybe.

‘Flipazoo’ ad

‘The Legend of Tarzan’ TV spot

‘The Living And The Dead’ 1x02 promo
Anyone else thinking of the final scene of ‘St Elsewhere’?

Best Line:
“What lies beneath should be left beneath.”

‘All The Way’ promo

‘Wasted’ promo

‘Outlander’ promo
She’s still a ho.

I’m done with ‘The Catch’.

The new ‘Star Trek’ novel covers SUCK.

‘Daily Mail’ Quotes:
“Wicked interloper.”

“Throwing the tree - complete with decorations - into the garden before storming off in the torrential rain.”

“All gone so wrong - again.”


“Rudely ignored.”

“Unrelenting stress.”


‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Getting into street fights.”


“Mouthy and rude.”

“Leave my tramp.”

“Life learned advice.”

“Behaved his way right out the door.”

“Keep your drama over there.”

“Can’t wait for her to die.”

“Very mentally abusive.”

“Start being appreciative.”

“Always in the way.”

“Attacking me with her harsh words.”

“Are you grateful for that?”

“I’ll be breaking your front windows.”

“A dumb whore.”

“That didn’t go well.”

“Solely responsible.”

“A clear choice in front of you.”

“Entitled expectation.”

“Stopped stealing.”

“A whole new communication plan.”

‘Gator a-go-go’ Quotes:
“I see fish with nipples.”

“A classic newspaper photo three decades ago of mermaids on strike in full uniform, picketing along the side of the highway.”

“I don’t want to sleep on toilets.”

“Jump to the mistaken conclusion that I’m simply another jabbering street loon.”

“Lost the patient and her future.”

‘Teen Titans’ Quotes:
“Little twinkle-star.”

“Invaded our home.”

“Enchanted pie.”

“I was walking past a dark alley at night.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Writing in his column for L’Equipe (it came as a surprise to us, too.)”

“Allies morph into enemies.”

‘My Super Sweet 16’ Quotes:
“Oil means shoes.”

“We can’t land the helicopter.”

“The deer room.”

“I’m not a redneck or anything.”

‘Monkey Life’ Quotes:
“Illegal beach chimp.”

“Thereafter under the stairs.”

‘Broad City’ Quote:
“Use a bridge. Selfish.”

Katherine Swynford’ Quotes:
“All shame of man and fear of God.”

“His unspeakable concubine.”

“Made himself abominable.”

“Repudiated their marriage, immured Blanche in a dungeon, and continued his long standing liaison with his mistress,”

“His powerful mistress Leonor de Guzman, who Pedro had executed as soon as his father succumbed to the Black Death in 1350.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Fly away ghostie! Go back to your haunted cornfield!”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paige is selfish. More evidence of the cruel, twisted influences of Brad and Lauren. With nauseating inevitability Father John plans to leave the church for Paige of the cold welcome. Steph and Brennan have rancour. Angus has gone, yay! Amy was a sex worker and fears murmurs of criticism.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Reenie is hauled off by the cops. Celine and Mercedes uncover Cleo’s secret email. Cleo screams and screeches and needs a slap. Pete and Cleo’s secret email account is called The Secret Garden. Ick. Pete paints himself as the victim of a drunk and her brood of burdensome kids. Cleo is all wailing and gnashing - she has no subtlety or shading. She’s just awful.

Pete answers every slander and looks to be excused, again. Cleo has intense hostility and is fractious. She is morally indistinguishable from Pete. Get rid of her. She induces a curious chill and has become the show’s most hated character. She’s culpable. Why isn’t Porsche mentioned? Pete and his vile ways paints himself as a victim of a stalker with a crush and zany misunderstandings. He’s not particularly remorseful, nor is Cleo. This is relentless and tedious.

Cleo is an imposition on viewers. TPTB have made every mistake imaginable dragging this crap out. Cleo hates her family and loves Pete, she can’t sustain a narrative. Didn’t ‘Eastenders’ do this plot already? Cleo has a psycho-meltdown and is difficult to comprehend. Myra tells Cleo the truth and the intentionally malicious Cleo changes her mind. TPTB take artistic licence with the law.

Trust shattering revelations emerge. Celine wears tacky earrings. Cleo screams. The jury convicts Pete in record time. There are dramatic pauses and Kai Owen chews the scenery as Pete is sent down.

Best Lines:
“As soon as Pete gets off. I’m leaving!”

“A liar on an epic scale.”

“I loved the McQueen family too much.”

“We love each other. Why can’t anyone else see that?”

“Why was it a secret?”

“Fun to have a secret.”

“Very capable of lying.”



“Look what you’ve done to me.”
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