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Versailles 1x05 + My Dirty Little Secret (2013 - ?) 3x10 + The Living And The Dead 1x01 Reviewed

Versailles 1x05
There are far bigger consequences as Philippe has changed in incredibly ugly ways due to the war. There is erotic intrigue. Philippe has PTSD - does Louis care? No. There is bad acting and Louis is smug. He pulls faces and is blatantly hostile. Philippe ignores his wife and has no moral tone.

Louis’ defining trait is that he is an arse. There is bad first aid. Madame de Montespan is to ‘persuade’ the Duke de Cassel to come to court. He abused her as a child it seems. Louis is pernicious. Some nobles aren’t who they claim to be. There is dramatic flinching and Fabian is a fear machine. Louis has the dissenting Duke’s house burnt down. Now the man has no proof of his lineage and no money and so is arrested. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Joan of Arc might disagree with you.”

“I am bored. Decidedly so.”

“Who would that be? He?”

“What else are we going to do all day?”

Who Wants To Murder A Millionaire
This true crime series has bad acting and a bad voice-over. In 1978, a patriarch into hard work and living modestly was murdered. The voice-over annoys me. This is the murder case covered in the Lee Remick ‘Nutcracker’ miniseries. This was unwatchable and not overly analytical.

Best Line:
“Families like this.”

The Living And The Dead (2016) 1x01
BBC1’s new drama splats onto the screen. It is 1894 and there is a case of possession or something in a small farming village. Colin Morgan stars as Nathan the son of the big house who returns home with his mouthy new wife. Farm workers wear smocks and wield scythes. Very pagan rituals take place. Nathan’s wife drinks, is into photography, speaking her mind and the coming thing. Nathan’s mother broods and dies.

Did the phrase recession exist in 1894? The wife buys a traction engine aka a tractor and makes herself at home in the big house/farm. Modernisation is anathema to the workers. Unease is not induced. Nathan has given up being a shrink for some reason. Nathan’s wife has bizarre cultural attitudes. Harriet the possessed girl has a destructive purpose. Did the phrase alcoholic exist in 1894? What happened to Nathan’s son Gabriel by his dead first wife?

The current wife has intellectual snobbery. Nathan seems lonely and disconnected. She’s not conciliatory. Ominous music plays as growly voiced Harriet causes mayhem. There is a mysterious phonograph and the wife does boudoir photography. Nathan has a doctrinate disbelief in ghosts.

The farm workers disapprove of things. The wife thinks she’s disproportionately important. The abstract intellectual concept of this show makes no sense. People have no moral outlook. There are strange and old rural traditions. There are unknown group intentions, sheep, laundry by hand, attempted murder and a diagnosis of DID in 1894.

This is plagued with overacting, silly voices and melodrama. This was a dumb hateful narrative. Nobody has any consideration; they’re all confrontational with brutish connotations. This was written with smug hilarity and was execrable. However the shots of the snow globe and the ending scene of Nathan seeing a woman in modern dress looking at an ipad made me decide to give it another chance.

Best Lines:
“That’s what we told ourselves.”

“You’ll never bury me.”

“Where is he now?”
“In hell.”

“The old certainties are gone.”

“Get her out of our lives.”

“Was that strictly necessary?”

“He didn’t love you.”

“I don’t need to know.”
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