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Movie Reviews: The Haunting in Connecticut + Dead Silence + Shag

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)
Based on a true story, sure. Virginia Madsen is the mother of a sick son. She, he and her clan rent an old funeral home to live in to be closer to his treatment centre. The son wants to sleep in the old embalming room. Revoltingly evil spirits lurk. There are dreams and visions and an excuse to dismiss them. Madsen’s husband used to be a drunk and a liar, which is not important.. This was terrible.

Dead Silence (1991)
Lisanne Falk is one of three students who go on holiday only to hit and kill a hitchhiker in the desert. They cover it up, badly. Several future big names co-star. This was good.

Shag (1989)
Girls go to Myrtle Beach to party in 1963. Bridget Fonda is in this. This bores.
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