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Book Review: And Nobody Lived Happily Ever, part 2

And Nobody Lived Happily Ever by Kate Farrell, part 2

Once Upon The End
A tale of a Snow White who is tormented by her seven dwarves, who are mendaciously awful. But not as awful as the vile thing that comes a calling. This was surprisingly affecting.

A. Reeves Tale
A man full of raw feelings plans revenge on his contemptuous cheating wife who is full of smug middle-class indifference. This is an okay tale of vengeful implacable hatred and shuddering violence.

Las Cosas Que Hacemos Por El Amor
A tale of a dictator, his new wife and his dead first wife. It is obvious who this is based on. This is a tale of camp cruelty that is not a deft narrative feint or stiflingly claustrophobic.

Peacock Blue Dress
An okay tale of self-aggrandisement, palpable desperation and weary madness. An uncomplaining gormless innocent poor unassuming virgin has dreams.

Alma Mater
This is a good tale of a boarding school in the 1960s. There are hints of impending doom as girls tell ghost stories and then confirm their own reasoning.

An ancient sad and old woman babbles in the doctor’s waiting room. Then comes the ending which is witless in its tasteless connection to a real life crime. This craves cleverness and is a tale of woman full of smug belief and who is devoted to the memory of her late husband and his macho brutality. He was boorishly stoic and sentimentally brutal. This was okay save for the authorial intrusion of the twist.
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