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Legends 2x10 Reviewed

The Legend Of Alexi Volkov
Martin’s real name is Alexi and he is a Russian spy. This makes all of season 1 meaningless. Putin is invoked. This show was never basically sensible. Martin had a family with Kate and her mother for 3 years. His handler had over-assertiveness. Kate faces crushing restrictiveness. Martin’s past is inescapable. Martin’s handler was unpleasant. Gabi had issues.

Martin seems immediately familiar with his past. His accent is not explained though. Martin broke up with the woman he loved to keep her safe. What about his season 1 wife? Kate gets married, her outfit is nice. There are more dodgy accents. Kate widows herself and Martin’s handler goes gaga. He confesses to his wife who does not believe a word he says.

Kate is saved. Martin forgets his actual son. It is shown how the programme that created Martin is created and how he was taken from his family. Martin or rather Alexi expresses no interest in his Russian family and is left in jail. The show ends on this bleak note. This was okay, but the final shot of Martin being locked into his cell was used in the promo for season 2.

Best Lines:
“There’s no out from them. Not for you. Not for me.”

“When they find you and have no doubt that they will.”

“Make her hate you.”

“That last amnesty.”

“Talk like one of them.”

“Fine young Russian patriots.”

“Don’t care about them.”

“We had sex. A lot.”
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