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The Musketeers 3x04 Reviewed

The Queen’s Diamonds
Louis’ sister, the Queen of England, visits and is robbed. Feron’s ship does not come in. Cromwell is rampaging around England. The Queen of England wears a bad wig and ugly clothes. While not historically rigorous this was okay in places. Nobody has noble intentions. Feron resents his dubious status. A thief has negative glamour. Louis thinks he is held in lofty respect - he isn’t.

Aramis meets some woman from his past. The thief annoys with unfailing skill. The plot is not surprisingly dynamic. The Dutch lurk. Louis’ sister and Feron look crack ravaged. The refugee/proto-revolutionary plot drags on and on. This show has some dubious identity politics. Why is Constance wearing a musketee uniform? She dick punches the thief. Aramis and the random he grew up with have a useless sub-plot. They grew up in a brothel and she used to be a ho. Constance is an irksome interrupting thing. Feron pulls an Affair of the Necklace con 3 reigns too early.

The musketeers are a pack of dicks. Refuge woman whines. The nobles are part of a decaying rotting society and do not care. A blackmailer blackmails and gets murdered. An obvious twist unfolds and the royals put up with criminals. This had promise but once again threw it all away. Feron plots in a way that can never be forgiven.

Best Lines:
“We’re not your friends.”

“Trying not to get infested with lice.”

“Has a serious problem. Namely me.”

“I never ask three times. Not of anyone.”

“A horse wears diamonds.”

“Wives are expensive.”

“Oh please, intrude. Intrude.”

“What would they tell of you?”
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