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Book Review: Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke: Weather Warden 2 by Rachel Caine
Joanne used to be a Weather Warden, then a co-worker killed her and now she's back from the dead as a djinn. Now she is trying to master life as a djinn and bond with her djinn lover David. But Joanne soon realises that her new life isn't going to be so easy. There is much she doesn't know about djinns, like their powers, their world and their origins. Also she does not fully realise the price of her resurrection.

Trying to juggle life as a djinn and the price of her new life, Joanne overlooks a threat close to her. That is a mistake that will have deadly consequences.

A good follow up to 'Ill Wind'. as there is more world building and a fascinating exploration of Joanne's powers. The villain in this book is a stereotype but the set-up of the villain for book 3 'Chill Factor' is very well done. Joanne is partly responsible for creating this new villain and hopefully 'Chill Factor' will see her deal with that fact.
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