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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'Containment’ promo
There is chaos, plague and a cordon and I’m there.

Best Line:
“Fatal in 100% of its victims.”

‘Intruder’ trailer
Another home invasion horror. No.

‘Game Of Thrones’ promo
Sansa needs to die.

‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ TV spot

Best Lines:
“If you want things. You have to pay for them.”

‘Donnie Brasco’ (19970 promo

Wheat, dairy & gluten free salted caramel fruit & nut nibbles - good.
Cloudy lemonade - okay.

‘Supergirl’ season 2 will have Lynda Carter! Yay!

There will a ‘Stakeland 2’?

They’re remaking ‘Death Wish’?

Amber Heard was Greta in ‘Hidden Palms’!

‘First Wave’ was a terrible TV show.

I will not review ‘The Catch’ 1x05 ‘The Laragon Gambit’.

‘Monkey Life’ Quotes:
“What they can’t fight to hold on to.”


“Tough babies.”

“Incredibly dangerous animals.”

‘The Guardian’ Quote:
“Banned from all pubs in the high street.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Faking his so called mental illness.”

“She doesn’t have a stepbrother.”

“Still smokes pot all the time.”

“Was there a tornado?”

“Locked her in the basement.”

“How toxic that is.”

“His stuffed sloth.”

“A car accident that never happened.”

“You rat bastard.”

“All excuses.”

“Threatened to beat us up.”

“You precious thing.”

“Lose the house and the horses.”

“I do not feel that it’s all my fault.”

“Words can’t be taken back.”

“They tricked me into coming.”

“Embellish their reality.”

“Enhance their reality.”

“Hateful lies.”

“Against everybody’s advice.”

“I’m not lazy.”

“What she’ll do to retaliate.”

“Nobody listened to us at all.”

“Viperous lying.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“This horrible case.”

“Stop shouting.”

“Repeated fake attempts.”

“A reflective and thoughtful individual.”

“Ended up murdered in her bedroom.”

“Knife-point robbery.”

“Making a false statement to obtain benefits.”

“Self-absorbed, ill-tempered domineering.”

“Every whim was to be responded to.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Some awful flaw of mine that I haven’t even been aware of all of life is about to be revealed to me.”

“Wants me to change my behaviour in some way I won’t like.”

“Brooding over the many negative possibilities.”


“Birth horror stories.”

“No other health service has been criticised as often or as trenchantly.”

“Do not inspire confidence.”

“Censorious attitudes.”

“Disempowering model.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Has seen countless civilisations come and go. Some have vanished without trace,”

“Could transmit news by pigeon post from the Euphrates to Cairo in only 12 hours.”

“The original Crusader chapel - with a set of secret passages beneath.”

‘Rebels’ Quote:
“I’ll have your guts strung out on the palace lawn and pound your boobs flat with a croquet mallet.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Refusal of any voluntary engagement.”

“Don’t want people ascribing views to her.”

“Pay to pray.”

“Telling us how we can and how we cannot celebrate.”

“Fearful of his volcanic temper.”

“The true circumstances of which may never be revealed.”

“Claimed he enjoyed fighting because it helped improve his moods.”

“Threw a Bible at a secret service agent’s head.”


“Beribboned bottom cleavage.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paige, Brennan and others have distain for the glaringly obvious fact that Paul is innocent and John had something to do with the explosion. Xanthe and Angus do inauspicious things. I read spoilers - everybody whose got it coming will get what is coming. Xanthe and Angus seem destined to end up in a ‘Wolf Creek’ sitch. Lauren and Paige are selfish. Brennan has machinations. Brennan is the only cop in town.

Brennan’s brothers are energy eaters. Nobody cares about Paul. Angus sulks. Lauren and Paige are a couple of slags, Paige always seems to be wearing a t-skirt and Angus wears a shirt that looks made from an 80s fluoro ski-suit. Susan revs up the gush-o-meter to fawn over Angus. John Doe is supposed to be menacing but he just bores. Paige doesn’t care about Josh’s death or anyone’s grief just John’s todger. You don’t get lower than that. John screws up his face and it is all about Paige.

Paige is selfish. John twitches. Brad’s selfish and moronic. Terese is relentlessly dismissive of sense. Stuff happens off screen. There is a toxic atmosphere in the area. Julie Quill and her bizarre accent is arrested. She confesses. Paige is stupid and declares her love for John. As for John Doe his real identity comes out and it’s moronic. People finally realise that a serious injustice has been committed on Paul. Terese manufactures failure,

Best Lines:
“This isn’t the paint fumes talking?”

“It’s called a warrant.”

“Is there a law against shopping?”

“What if we were wrong Brad?”

“Paul’s innocent.”
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