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Sea of Souls: The Prayer Tree (2007) Review

A couple buy a remote Scottish country house. It is soon apparent that there is a malevolent presence in the house, but the 'hero' of the show comes to the realisation of the malevolence way, way too late. The ending is very good but this takes its sweet time getting there are there is much muttering, BS scares, hysterical women and flashbacks to Ye Olde Victorian times when Douglas Henshall of 'Primeval' ran around with a bad haircut being nefarious to get through before the ending. There are many, many flashbacks to revolting peasants and Christina Cox of 'Hex' looking all wan. Still the revelation of just what Robert (Henshall) was up to is very good. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"Always a worry when people start trying to contact malevolent spirits. They might just succeed. I don't even want to imagine what went on in this house."

"Dunbar mastered transmigration and his soul's been hitching a lift from one body to other since 1897?"
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