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Movie Reviews: Intruders + August: Osage County + Intruders + War & Peace + 7 others

Intruders (2015)
Also known as ‘Shut In’. Anna lives in a remote house with her dying brother who then dies. The Meals On Wheels guy is nice. But he and three friends take part in a home invasion to get Anna’s money. She has severe agoraphobia and is alienated and distanced. But she can deal with bothersome men. This film has no worth or value. Anna and her adjustment disorder makes no emotional impression as she takes on the theatrically hard baddies.

This film has a vile texture as four menacing men laugh at her excessive docility. This was dreary and gets worse with breathtaking rapidity. There is indecorous conduct and everyone swears and has a frustrating lack of sociability. Also who designed the madhouse Anna lives in?

Best Lines:
“Where would I go?”

“Then I won’t choose.”

“Something weird is going on here man.”

“You have no idea what I’m like.”

“He was your friend, now he’s a doorstop.”

August: Osage County (2013)
I had Aristotelian disinterest in this purposeless film of existential musing. It stars an overeager Meryl Streep and has lots of mumbling. There are no blunt honest observations in this embarrassingly clunking film that has no baroque beauty. Toxic and destructive people seethe with frustration and resentment and shout and are socially snotty. They have no straightforward morals and no profundity and little of what they screech registers emotionally.

This was ineffective and intemperate. Mournful people are acrimoniously fixated on personal grievances. There are no melancholy consequences in this shouty big drama. There is overblown intensity in this Tracy Letts play. I don’t care about their over-analysed lives and preening self regard, alienation and angst. Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper and Benedict Cumberbatch prance around. Man tears fall and people are unconscionably operatically vicious to each other.

This was without merit and people have strident antagonism and are deliciously arrogant. This was an ineffective tale of disillusionment and a prickly uncooperative woman with a used face. This was a spectacularly misconceived tale of bitter desolation, misery and bad decisions. There is more acrimony and it was too much.

Best Lines:
“This madhouse is my home.”
“Think about that statement.”

“Flat hot nothing.”

“The creepy character.”

“Then get your own beer.”

“My wife takes pills and I drink.”

“Your 5th puberty.”

“She’s old enough to exhibit character.”

“Forsaken big shot.”

“Who makes that decision?”

“That is wildly unfair.”

“Die after me.”

“Thank god we can’t tell the future, we’d never get out of bed.”

“This year’s man.”

“What’s that smell?”
“I don’t know, probably just that trash can over there.”

Intruders (2011)
There is a near insane lack of common sense in this film in which Clive Owen’s daughter’s chief function is to be beautiful and needy. The nightmare is real in this woeful mess. Clarice Van Houten, Daniel Bruhl and Kerry Fox prance around. In London and Spain children are tormented by Hollowface. Owen is a construction worker in this strangely banal film which is not rich or enveloping.

Owen’s wife has haughty superiority. This was purposeless and has no discernable emotional life whatsoever. A ‘Suburban Shootout’ star pops up and there is an obvious twist. This was stupendously toxic and full of people with hairdresser mindsets. I felt terrible scorn for this film. There is mad parental protectiveness and the infinitely melancholy consequences thereof. There is steadfast belief and no earnest realism or naturalistic details.

Best Line:
“In a dark corner everyone had forgotten about.”

War & Peace (1966-67)

Andrei Bolkonsky
Watched part 1 of this Sergei Bondaruhuk epic. It is loud, badly dubbed and has annoying ACTINGS. This was ill-suited.

Best Lines:
“A cruel and irrevocable mistake.”

“Imperial guards.”

The Battle Of The Sexes (1959)

Back To The Future II (1989)

Live And Let Die (1973)
Great theme song, ok 007 film.

Superman (1978)

Predator 2 (1990)

Mr Wrong (1996)

Universal Solider: The Return (1999)
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