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The Musketeers 3x03 + Legends 2x09 Reviewed

Brothers In Arms
How many ugly brothers does the king have? Gaston returns from exile to his estranged brother the king. The musketeers and their flashy uniforms sulk. Louis XIII is on to his blogger faced wife. Gaston is all secretiveness, seediness and stigma. He also looks like a goth. Treville is useless. The BBC has no tangible commitment to his show. Feron has no candour and directness. There are moral compromises. The royal family seem to have no servants. There is moral uncertainty. Constance and Anne are gut wrenchingly awful in each other’s icy orbit.

Peasants have paroxysms of disgust. War veterans have a climate of opinion. An old whiny barmaid causes trouble. Pretentious and posh people indulge in venality and corruption. Feron’s face is a visual blob. Rocheford’s ruinous acts live on. There are deceptions and betrayals. This show is better off without the essentialist fantasy of Milady. Treville is permanently frustrated. There are inappropriate accents and intransigent morons trouble stir. Bellicosity besets the dying king. There is public calamity and rewards fatally tainted by horrible compromise. A hostage situation erupts and the musketeers are okay with treason and a civil uprising. This had promise but descended into ridiculousness. Also Constance is annoying.

Best Lines:
“Am I in trouble?”

“Why are they still breathing?”

The Legend of Gabi Miskova
Ballard never heard of or saw Martin when they were both in the FBI. An attack is planned. There is an evil woman, idiot criminals and Katya in peril. Here is a gunfight and an attack. In 2001; Ballard lost his leg and sulked. Then 9/11 happened and he wanted to marry Gabi but she didn’t want to marry him. Katya/Kate is in peril and has to marry some dude. Martin finally gets a clue as to who he really is. It’s a ‘Salt’ knock off. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Will not return. Ever.”

“Welcome back comrade.”
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