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Ghost Whisper Season 4 ep 4 Review

Save Our Souls

I can recall watching only two 'Ghost Whisper' eps in their entirety before now. They were season 1 eps, one guest starred Sean Maher of 'Firefly' and the other one involved a plane crash. Melinda and Jim (David Conrad of 'Roswell') go on a cruise, the annoying fat woman from 'The Practice' sees them off. Melinda dresses like a pole dancer, talks to ghosts and apparently has an apprentice ghost whisper in the form of Eli (Jamie Kennedy of 'Scream'). It turns out the liner is full of ghosts, secrets and people plastered in orange fake bake tan. Anyway the situation is resolved (why do people always believe Melinda's stories about ghosts?) and there's a cheesy 'Titanic homage. This was good.

Best Line:
"Keep your underwear in the minibar."
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