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An Epilogue
It finally ends. It is 1820 and peasants scythe. Nikolai bores. Natasha and her profoundly cynical philistinism has two children by Pierre. Old women play cards. There is no positive response of appreciation. Ilya has died to escape his irritatingly loud wife. Nikolai sulks and still hasn’t married Sonia. Maria visits and looks like she’s been stuffed in a washing machine on a boil wash. They don’t care about those of low social standing. Rude Nikolai is icy, aloof, calculating, outraged and appalled.

Nikolai has a lack of guile. Suddenly and without explanation Nikolai and Maria are married with children. This has no sheer visual grandeur or prestige or sumptuousness. There is so much talking and Nikolai has an inherently negative bias. Pierre shows up. Napoleon is imprisoned on St Helena. Common and vulgar people lurk. Andrei’s son is an adult now. Natasha’s mother is a raving narcissist. Pierre spews author tracts about his League of Virtue. This was dull and mumbling and has no social significance.

Best Lines:
“Naturally one hears things.”

“Tell her we’re out!”

“Why can’t she leave us alone?”

“He won’t marry her either.”

“I hit the bailiff.”

“People know their place.”

“Always end up as conspiracies against the state.”

“Listen first and then judge.”

“The sausage eaters.”

This season has produced no mortal peril. The gang are dumped back in 2016 cos Rip is a tool. Sara meets Quentin - why is he in the Arrowcave? Sara learns Laurel has been murdered. Why is Stein’s wife wearing such a bad wig? Why is she a doormat to her husband? Rip is cringey. Kendra is in 1944. Rip knew that Laurel would be murdered and didn’t care. He is a smug liar and doesn’t care. People blab about chronometric repositioning. Carter Hall is still inept. The aliens gave Savage, Kendra and Carter their powers?

Savage wants to erase time. The default expectation with this show is that it sucks. Rip wanted to save his family but Sara doesn’t get to do that cos Rip is special. TPTB really want Laurel dead and rotting in her grave. Oliver knows that time travel exists but did he save Tommy? No he didn’t cos he is a jackass. Rip doesn’t care about Laurel. Carter Hall is useless. This is not a legitimate treatment of history. This ep takes itself far too seriously.

This was dodgy and full of hollow shallow people. There is babble about chronothemric reaction and time quakes. Vandal Savage waves his hands over what looks like glowy earwax. Rip damns people and does not save them. This ep is horrible. Savage is killed off and Rip decides to protect the timeline. Sara visits Laurel’s grave. Kendra and Carter feck off and some dude shows up. The what? The who? So? There was no moral burden in this crappy oeuvre. Rip knew all along that Laurel would die and did nothing and Sara just hangs out with him.

Best Lines:
“Savage is lost to history.”

“I like stealing stuff.”

“Is he still nuts?”

“I’m a member of the Justice Society Of America.”

Better Angels
Alex and Kara do a badly choreographed fight. Alex waves her glowstick. This show has no internal logic. Where did Mrs Danvers come from? There was slightly sickly dialogue and delivery. This had no significant plotline. Non is ineffectual. Kara makes a speech - why are the brainwashed watching TV while in violent servitude? This was wholly uninteresting. Supergirl uses sap as home defence. Indigo the ancient malevolence has sheer relish for evil. There was technobabble. Lucy still run the DEO. Winn is bigged up. Kara is so very nice.

The James/Kara nonsense is dragged out some more. This was not memorable. This had no permeating dread. Lucy’s father blusters. The omegaedron shows up. There is a fight and posing. There is a ridic ending and Hank gets the DEO back. Lord and Lane plot. Another pod shows up. No, maybe season 2 will be better with Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

Best Lines:
“Tame the beast.”


“As Queen of a dead Earth.”

“You hate Chinese herbs and Gwyneth.”

“You try moving a one million ton alien spacecraft.”

“Secrets protect no-one.”


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