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Book Reviews: A Blade Of Black Steel + various Fear Street novels

A Blade Of Black Steel by Alex Marshall
The sequel to ‘A Crown For Cold Silver’ is a boring, padded mess. It is full of unpleasant people, death, betrayal, side-switching and an idiot plot. This was a dull tale of malign influences and was boring and full of clichés and scorn and no insight.

Best Lines:
“Foul prophecy.”

“Gives me a supposedly magic map with an equally magic compass and says just follow the needle, I don’t immediately assume that’s such a swell idea.”

“How long was he under my bed?”

“It seems silly to bring up the point about steering clear of cemeteries and keeps.”

“To traffic with dark and dangerous powers better left alone by mortals?”

“Neglected gods of our ancestors, take pity.”

“Unfit for life of any sort.”

“No trace of your tainted line remains in the world of mortals.”

“Whatever devil-riddled hell she had mistaken for heaven.”

“Long dead in a grave of her own making.”

“The bowels of the Empire they had both failed to save.”

Fear Street Saga #1: The Betrayal by R.L. Stine
This tells of how the terror began. A girl and her mother are accused of witchcraft and burnt, kicking off a long running feud. This was dull, these books had lurid covers.

Fear Street: The Prom Queen by R.L. Stine
A serial killer kills off prom queen candidates like in ‘Student Bodies’. Silly.

Fear Street Cheerleaders #1: The First Evil by R.L. Stine
This 1992 trilogy was hilariously unhoned. But it had great covers. Bobbi and Corky move to Shadyside and join the bitch-pack cheerleading squad. Kimmy is jealous and there are mysterious accidents and deaths. There is a specific deterrence from caring. This was dumb.

Fear Street Cheerleaders #2: The Second Evil by R.L. Stine
This trilogy was followed by ‘The New Evil’, ‘The Evil Lives!’ and ‘The Awakening Evil’. Corky does random crap and Kimmy attacks. This was diligently dull.

Fear Street Cheerleaders #3: The Third Evil by R.L. Stine
This has effectively lost any quality it ever had. This was 24 years old and shows it.

Fear Street Super Chiller: Party Summer by R.L. Stine
There’s no vacation from the terrors of Fear Street. A group of idiots work at Howling Wolf Inn on a tiny island owned by Simon Fear III. This fails miserably.

Fear Street: Double Date by R.L. Stine
Bobby the jerk dates sisters Bree, Samantha and Jennilynn. This was funny as his serial dating leads to pathological revenge. I’ve never read the ‘Cataluna Chronicles’, ‘Fear Hall’ or ‘99 Fear Street: The House of Evil’.

Fear Street: Switched by R.L. Stine
A mind is a terrible thing to lose. Nicole and Lucy swapped bodies; cue murder, mayhem and a good twist.
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