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Hawaii 5-0 6x25 + Legends 2x08 Reviewed

O Ke Ali’i Wale No Ka’u Makemaku
Steve gets shot whilst undercover with Danno. There is bad sfx and Scott Caan still can’t act. Danno is selfish and terrible. Steve meets Wo Fat’s daddy. Wo Fat is dead? Steve and Wo Fat’s disagreement is done? Steve’s mom boffed Wo Fat’s dad? Ew. The 5-0 taskforce combat drugs. There is a ‘Walking Tall’ rip-off and Steve commits police brutality and gets away with it. Jorge Garcia is now in the opening credits.

The multi-coloured glow of happiness glows as the gang strike cool poses. Steve’s vile morally ambiguous mother is AWOL. Nobody cares. Who shot Steve? Danno breaks cover in startling fashion. How do the 5-0 taskforce get away with some of the stuff they pull? Danno has to be told how to land a plane like he’s in ‘Airport 75’. Danno makes various annoying pronouncements about his rueful experiences.

Steve does sad eyed stares. Danno is freighted with responsibility. Chin Ho is always rides his motorbike. There are gunfights and slo-mo. There is still no moral redemption for Danno. This was okay if hollow. Steve needs a liver transplant. Won’t he need to be on anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life? He and Danno look fine after their major surgeries. There are terrible possibilities for next season. Danno’s other kid shows up. The underlying theme of this ep is that everyone loves Steve and that Danno is selfish. Liver alone Danno!

Best Lines:
“What seems to be painfully obvious.”

“Forgiveness is the last thing I would ever expect from that bloodline.”

“I see a lot of gauges.”

“Clear the beach, I’m coming in.”

“Do not die!”

“Going to grow up to hate you.”

Doesn’t my dad need his liver?”

“I couldn’t stand his ass.”

“You is off your meds.”

“I love you right back.”

“Big giant ingrate.”

“You like getting shot at.”

The Legend Of Doku Zakavev
Kate is in peril and so is Martin. In flashbacks Ballard and co are awful disgusting people. There is so much talking and this bored. Ballard was a tool and his injury was due to his own stupidity.

Best Line:
“You speak English now?”
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