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Trailers, Quotes and a 2000 Tape Tale

‘The Magicians’ promo
Based on the Lev Grossman novel. This has the Fillroy books, a grad student who looks 35 and who can’t act. He goes to magic school and there is magic, floating, cards and a glass creature. Moody model looking types lurk. There is The Beast and floating sex. Yes!

Best Lines:
“Am I hallucinating?”
“If you were, how would asking me help?”

‘Quincy ME’ opening credits

Nancy Drew’ (2007) promo

‘Along Came Polly’ (2007) promo

‘The Conjuring 2’ TV spot

‘Cool Runnings’ (1993) promo

Goat’s cheese - yum.
Apple Burst tic tacs - okay.
Cajun Spiced Plantain chips - okay.
Berry Seed Shot - okay.

RIP Theresa Saldana.

Windows 10 can piss right off.

Perms are back?

I’ve never seen ‘The Jerk’.

Recall Koko?

‘Top Gear’ Quote:
“You hit us!”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Keep running.”

“Closets weren’t made for people.”

“Because he runs, he lives.”

“Bear the unbearable.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Snow-washed denim.”

“White shoes became a toxic accessory for almost a generation.”

“Glam squad.”

“Hormonal haircut.”


“When it rained the vinyl floor floated.”

“Our new downstairs neighbours gave barbecues in what should have been our garden.”

“Vintage 1970s media units.”

“Do not on any account put anything in the loft.”

“The fridge won’t fit through the door.”

“I moved to discover not only had the sellers taken all the light fittings (not just the bulbs), but none of the loos flushed.”

“I treat their bedrooms like a travelling Tracey Emin exhibit.”

“Their preferred detritus.”

“Not properly engaged in the relationship.”

“Frosty silence.”

“An earnest desire to be heard and respected.”

“Competing to be as good.”

“Who even watches DVDS anymore?”

“Seem to be films that involve a lot of fighting.”

“Man Plan.”

“The unborn child this monstrous rite is planting inside her.”

“Were shunned by their community for seeking justice.”

“They’d found extensive evidence of Mesolithic habitation...Mesolithic is 10,000 BC. That’s pre-farming.”

“The 1,7000-year-old vision of a family of wealthy, contented Romans reclining among the Wiltshire hills, slurping down oysters by the bucket load, unaware that the gaze of the future would one day look back at them with such clarity.”

“He took her to the local pub, that ain’t a good start.”

“Considered the attacks by other nationalities to be a challenge to their manhood and their honour.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Lazy depressed drug addict.”

“Eating hamburgers with homeless people.”

“Chubby and dirty.”

“Do you want me in the basement for the rest of my life?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Alarming comments.”

“She was regarded as a danger to society.”

“The loss of liberal democracy.”

“Paranoia dominates.”

“Cities belong to men.”

‘The Iron Lady’ Quotes:
“The poor are irrelevant.”

“A fascist gang.”

“We can’t fight in winter down there. Nobody can.”

“Did we?”

“We have to go, now.”

“It’s a war they started.”

“Possible. Just.”

“If there is to be an escalation, it’s better that we start it.”

‘Upstart Crow’ Quotes:
“Front row cloud in heaven.”

“Begone you foul sluttage.”

“Dice fried tuber batons.”

“Sniff test.”

“Rotting with his dung.”

Cleared out a 2000 tape. It began with a season 4 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Goodbye Iowa’ which had bad tracking. Why is Spike and his negative opinions hanging out at Giles’ house? Riley and his neurotic self-absorption lurks. Adam is sour-faced. Tara is silent and grateful. This was not commendable.

Best Line:
“I will not squat in that dank hole.”

Then came a season 1 ‘Angel’ ep ‘I’ve Got you Under My Skin’. There is more bad tracking. A boy is possessed or is he? There is bad acting and everything is not as it seems. This was a portmanteau of unpleasantness.

Then came a ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ ep ‘The Darkness and the Light’ in which members of Kira’s old Resistance cell are murdered. Kira is being a surrogate mother to the O’Briens, but still feels morally compelled to do something about it. The emotional legacy of past deeds carries on. This was of dubious quality and was full of yap, yap, yap and no ingenuity.

Best Line:
“Some very questionable activities.”

Then came a ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ‘Cradle Of Hope’. This was an extremely boring ep. Features a climax of a fight with baby tossing. Not significant or marvel inducing.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Maxine knows about Sienna and Trevor and Nico? Sienna rants. Grace rants. Grace’s brothers are gross. Where is Kim? Grace’s other brother shows up. Mercedes robs a charity shop. There is failed comedy. Grace accuses Mercedes of boffing Trevor. Nancy tries to fix up Dirk and Maxine. Are Dirk and Cindy broken up? Grace is full throttle crazy. Trevor’s funeral is held. Grace is onto Sienna.

Best Lines:

“Get my face on?”

“You were his bit on the side.”

“You just want to see birds fighting.”

“Gangster’s slag.”

“A drug dealer, human trafficking fish fancier.”

“Any old tart.”

“You never wore a suit for me!”
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