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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'Stranger Things' trailer
In the 80s, a child goes missing. Winona Ryder stars. Weird experiments. This looks good.

‘Eurotrash’ promo
This 1993-2007 show is back?

‘The Crush’ (1993) promo

‘The Next Step’ opening credits
Various people in their underwear look like they’re having seizures.

Green chilli, lime & coriander pea snaps - yum.
Salted Brittany Butter - yum.
Hazelnut Almond Nougat - good.

The Columbus Club in NY was lovely.

‘Deepcut: The Army’s Shame’ was depressing viewing.

I won’t bother with ‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans’ or ‘A Walk To Remember’.

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Flower-sniffers too lazy for competitive sports.”

“Who every night completed a three-mile circuit locking the park gates, even though all the railings in-between had been melted down for armaments.”

“Politically friendless.”

“Lumpen thugs.”

“The problem demographic.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“An entertaining parody of masculinity in crisis.”

“Roar increasingly offensively and decreasingly self-effacingly from cars worth more than the national debt of countries they drove through.”

“Possibly while maligning minorities and shouting at producers.”

“People don’t like to be reminded of their maids.”

“Shamelessly unconvincing.”

“Dispatch of errant bankers to the nation’s most remote prison.”

“Grim surprises.”

“Singularly insidious.”

“Personality cult.”

“Tit-slapping fight.”

“A trough of comic despair.”

“Chastened and contrite.”

“Wouldn’t be apologising.”

“Wasn’t sorry at all.”

“Endearingly irreverent.”

“Unapologetic rejection of the recurring spectacle of the forced public apology.”

“Culture of apology on demand.”

“Did not appear sufficiently remorseful.”

“Possession of a sock with intent to commit an offence.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quote:
“I don’t want to cause problems in my own household.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“A stereotype that suffered extinction circa 1979.”

“Mostly involved suggestive lip-licking via Skype.”

“It mostly consisted of flames, flying body parts and faces seething with a desire to spill blood.”

“A scintillating disquisition on the irredeemable baseness of both their characters.”

“Killing off the heritage of tomorrow.”

“Anti-modernist backlash,”

“Overblown phallic structures that say more about an architectural ego than any kind of craftsmanship.”

“Had their application for citizenship blocked by a village committee because they wear tracksuit bottoms in the street.”

On ‘Neighbours’: John Doe is obviously a psycho who blew up the hotel. Paige fawns over the potentially dangerous nutter. Brennan has no doubts over Paul’s guilt. I’m sure Paul will take great revenge when he’s out.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Nancy is tired of Maxine’s drama. Thorpe (James Bradshaw) investigates Maxine. Grace knows Trevor was cheating on her. Sienna is crazy, Freddie signs off on his former daughter and names suggested for the child include Lexus and Adele. A love triangle erupts. Grace’s slack jawed brothers lurk. Grace vows murder. Thorpe yips and his wife is called Doreen.
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