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The Hunger
The resentful people are in a frenzy of irritation at having no food. Constance is a self-presenting little madam. TPTB do not write her with critical acuity or narrative flair. A non-spontaneous urban movement springs up. Unsubtle political points are made. The BBC continues to mess up their portrayal of this ur-text. Various undifferentiated baddies have sinister argot and moral dysfunction. Alleged principled person d’Artagnan makes numerous stupid decisions.

Constance is accusatory. Athos uncovers proto-revolutionary plotters. War refugees whine and are ungrateful. D’Artagnan has moral instincts. Lonely and sad people whine. TPTB did not do their considerable best with this ep. Constance spends most of her time on this show being disliked, badly. The prettification of history bores. This was so very boring. Louis knows his ‘son’ isn’t his. No implacable menace here.

Best Lines:
“I won’t drink with that creature.”

“He’s the son of an army whore.”

“I’ve been sneered at by better men. They’re dead now.”

“Go back to the gutter.”

“Did that creature just speak to me?”

Non commands the DEO. Where are Livewire and Silver Banshee? Who is Maxima? Non is petulant. This was okay but season 1 has been unambitious and like a terrible 1970s sitcom. A foul mess of sentimental clichés and wilful shapelessness blighted this insufficiently ambitious season. Lucy wears a spy catsuit. There is fighting and Myriad creates a morally chaotic environment. Superman shows up and does nothing. This has the Fortress of Solitude, overacting and Aura. Non is a polemicist. Hank and Alex are being hunted. Alex wears a blonde wig.

Non wants to remake Earth. Didn’t ‘Charmed’ do a similar plot with the Avatars? Myriad only affects National City. Cat makes a Harrison Ford joke. Where does Supergirl keep her phone? Max Lord and Cat are unaffected and team up with Supergirl. Indigo pouts. Dr Danvers (Helen Slater) babbles and sees a big green man.

There are author tracts, no super-bout fight, no narrative space and no earnest ruminations. Non has cool amusement as he is morally righteous. This was not evocative and had no wit, humanity or melancholy. The POTUS is a woman. Lord is a grown up and mean psychologically unstable nut full of insincerity and is of no moral significance. Indigo has cold and studied indifference and cold loathing.

People stand around Cat-co which is oddly undamaged from the Kara/Hank fight. There is a ‘Terminator’ ripoff and grunting. Is Jonn dead? There is eminently unsatisfactory dialogue. There is a cliffhanger as a mind-controlled Alex in a stupid suit fights Kara. It’s a ‘Batman vs. Superman’ ripoff!

Best Lines:
“For everyone’s sake leave that one be.”

“I know not your face human.”

“Once started Myriad can not be stopped.”

“Everything I have feared has come to pass.”

“He’s a shape shifter from Mars.”

“This doesn’t look like victory to me.”

“She choose wrong.”


“You missed one.”

“This evil can’t touch you.”

“Have you no shame?”
“No. Not anymore.”

“Max’s moronic attempt to save the city.”

“To worship you, as I do.”

“I promise I will try, very very hard.”

“What are we winning?”


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