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Legends 1x07 + Bones 11x17 Reviewed

The Second Legend Of Dmitry Petrovich
Kate is a moron. Martin decides to become Dmitry again. In 2001 Ballard and Gabi tried to blackmail ‘Dmitry’ with a sextape of him and his lover. Gabi slaps Martin in the face. Ballard is not dead because of Martin but because he was an obsessed loon. Kate’s mother has a troubling realisation. Gabi has naked antipathy. Menacing characters surround Kate. Outlandish and preposterous things happen. Nobody has moral responsibility and there is reckless judgement and shouty squabbling. Kate’s mother killed her abusive husband. All the crap Ballard did and caused. In the 1970s Martin’s girlfriend died mysteriously. This was dull. Martin’s real name is Alex? More trouble erupts and there are no moral standards by anyone ever.

Best Line:
“Ballard finally wins.”

The Secret In The Service
Bones is still the victim of fruity overwriting and she has a nannyish tone. This ep was not richly textured. A gross body is found. The ghastly Sweets is gone thankfully. Hodgins is in a wheelchair. The gross body is that of a secret service agent. Who would have guessed that out of all the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ cast Angel and Willow would be the biggest stars of all?

The secret service doesn’t want Booth on the case because they have disapproval of his heritage. This was okay but not dramatically powerful. This had investigative instincts, American neurotica and people shouting and being over-enthusiastic about everything in the belief that volume and excitability can convince the audience that it has never seen anything so riveting.

This was not a heart-wrenching tale just intermittently puerile. Booth is all gruff bulk gone halfway to seed. This had no tension or anxiety, just stray conspiratorial looks. This had no flinching uncertainties or moral instruction just self-conscious thespian posturing and studied bonhomie. There is sneering condescension, braggadocio and garrulousness.

This was not subtle, intuitive or very fulfilling. There are preening personalities, bad intensions and implausibly earnest people. Some acting has a grating affect and some dialogue is without a lick of character or wit, just pull quote dialogue and moist eyed emotionalism. An unfashionable assumption is made. There is personal abuse, antagonistic encounters and a conspicuous failure in acting.

Best Lines:
“Please sir do not have another beer.”

“Please don’t drink anymore.”

“Based on the colour and viscosity of your discharge.”

“Nasal rinse.”

“I feel the inadequacy rising up inside of me.”



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