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Movie Reviews: Eyes Of Fire +Sir Henry At Rawlinson End +Wild Texas Wind (1991) +Dreamchild

Eyes Of Fire (1983)
This is a bit similar to ‘The Witch’, which was flat, dull and disappointing, much like this film. This has stupid comedy French and maybe Irish accents. The plot has callous disregard for sense. This was told in flashback by bad child actors. There are religious nutters and this is set in Ye Olden Days. There is sub-par stage school acting and screaming about witchery and polygamy.

Best Lines:
“The devil witch lives.”

“Away trapping.”

“It was a sin we’d all be paying for soon enough.”

“Give me big worries.”

“Joe! Joe! Joe!”

“What are you brining us here for?”

“You know what you’ve done!”

“You’re his loutish brother!”

Sir Henry At Rawlinson End (1980)
A drunken aristo (Trevor Howard) tries to exorcise a ghost. This was an awful sepia travesty.

Wild Texas Wind (1991)
A singer (Dolly Parton) is abused by her manager (Gary Busey). Dull.

Dreamchild (1983)
A freaky tale of Alice Liddell who inspired ‘Alice In Wonderland’. No.
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