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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

New Blood’ promo

‘The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’ promo

‘The Catch’ promo

‘The Liver Birds’ opening credits

‘Unforgettable’ promo
Is this still on?

‘Silent Witness’ opening credits

Coco L’esprit de chanel ad
Vanessa Paradis’ 1992 birdcage ad is lovely.

BBQ Beef Brisket with a spiced BBQ glaze - yum.
Tropical juice with Kale - nice.
Oaten biscuits - yum.

Dwayne Johnson to play Doc Savage? Good? I guess?

I’ll be skipping ‘The Darkness’.

Recall the 1986-1991 show ‘Bread’?

Recall Matthew Fox’s L’Oreal ad?

Recall Clark’s Magic Steps shoes?

There will be a comedy series based on ‘GLOW’?

Droit de regard - right to express an opinion.

Leah Betts is dead 20 years.

Is there really a novenito exoplanet beyond Pluto whose orbit stretches 111 billion miles that takes 10,000 years to complete? Amazing to imagine.

Great British Railway Journeys’ Quote:
“Anywhere too foreign.”

‘When She Was Bad’ Quote:
“The dark place where he was never to go.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“He has previously equated birth control with treason.”

“Retains some of the same capacity to energise and embitter.”

“Associating with evil-doers.”

“Its elimination from public debate.”

“No longer the dominant intellectual influence.”

“Frequently dismissed and disregarded.”

“Frequently displaces compassion.”

“It is not paranoid to perceive menace.”

‘The Times’ Quotes:
“The children became something of an inconvenience.”

“Culmination of a consistent course of conduct.”

“After an angry mob forced them out of Royston.”

“Acting as an antisocial element.”

“A luscious Marylebone pie of suggestion.”

“Saying to a man ‘I am leaving you’ is the one thing that still really challenges and provokes resistance.”

“Those cool girls who are secretly very posh but spend a lot their lives denying it - in Shoreditch.”

‘Faking It’ Quotes:
“Just so you can push me out.”

“Jealous nut job.”

“Did he steal the down payment from his mom?”


“In the spirit of non-judgement.”

“Wears khakis that actually fit.”

“You don’t do slow.”

‘Versailles’ Quote:
“You be careful about what you say and how loudly you say it.”

On ‘Neighbours’: there is disengagement with reality. Terese is a high conflict ex. Are she and Brad even divorced? Lauren treats Ned like a sex offender. She’s the social traitor. She ignores Terese’s grief overlooking how she stole Brad and faked grief for Matt. Xanthe does more confused pleas for attention. Ned accuses Brad of having another affair, it is a reasonable accusation. The plots are impervious to reality. Ned is clued in on Terese and Brad framing Paul - he’s down with that. Ned sings Lauren’s praises. The writers really make Terese look bad.

Nobody gives Paul the benefit of the doubt, well after all the crap he’s pulled over the years - you can see why people aren’t exactly riven by doubt. Brad, Ned and Terese are paranoid. The hotel explosion investigation seems to be being run by no-brain cretins. Steph sees her son. Avro seems to be Australian slang for afternoon. People seem to be selectively deaf. Lauren threatens to ruin Ned and Brad’s relationship. Bitch. Lauren has no moral claim to the high ground. Jimmy is an irritant. Lauren is a bitch who wants Ned gone. Ambos is Australian slang for EMTs. Sonya’s screeching reveals a paternity event. Nate is leaving.
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