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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Colony’ 1x09 promo
Katie is awful and stupid. There is bleak tragedy and no emotional centre.

Best Line:
“We’re blowing up a train.”

‘Good Bye, Lenin!’ promo

‘Catch Me If You Can’ (2002) promo

‘Field Of Dream’ (1989) promo

‘Doc Hollywood’ (1991) promo

‘The Wedding Planner’ (2001) promo
Has no unnerving purpose.

‘Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark’ promo

‘A Murder Of Crows’ promo

‘Chicago P.D.’ promo

‘The Pacifier’ (2005) promo

‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ (2003) promo

‘The Haunting’ (1999) promo

‘Mother’s Day’ TV spot

‘Instant Mom’ promo

Best Line:
“Human vacuum cleaner!”

Mikado biscuit - yum.
Cajun chicken kebab - yum.
Garlic stuffed olives - yum.
Rose wine - no.
Chilli chicken kebab - yum.

What became of Tony Slattery and Tamara Beckwith?

I may review ‘The Children’.

‘The Woman In Black’ was better as a play than as the 2012 movie.

Anyone recall ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ by Dorothy Edwards?

I didn’t like ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte.

Honsi soi qui mal y pense - Shame on him who thinks ill of it.

The new ‘Top Gear’ is crap.

Elizabeth Of York’ Quote:
“To cease of such untrue talking on peril of his indignation.”

‘Snog Marry Avoid US’ Quotes:
“Brazilian cut.”

“VIP waitress.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Could be educated into accepting its responsibilities.”

“No respectable people will go there.”

“The prison of a fully automated kitchen.”

“Victory complex.”

“Creating a unipolar world.”

“They monitored the girls who pursued soldiers in parks.”

“A strident tone of voice.”

“How prostitutes learnt to guess a punter’s rank by feeling for his insignia in the dark, adjusting their fees accordingly.”

“Prior intimations.”

“We’d wear old man clothes.”

“Drug-crazed sheep thrashed our village.”

“The thrust was to walk around and annoy people.”

“Faint suggestion of stripper.”

“Righteous eating.”

“Raw food is hard to digest.”

“Would wake to find fresh bruises from where the mattress had touched her bone.”

“Eating just organic melon.”

“Cheap mall rat.”

“Driving a Porsche on the autobahn, in the middle of the night, completely starkers.”

“90% of household accidents are caused by putting on socks.”

“He thinks everyone is out to get him. Everyone who gets involved with them eventually vanishes.”

“Gets locked in a warehouse with nothing but a cardboard figure of a Nolan sister for comfort.”

“The Sun King had created a gilded cage in which he trapped those who might act against him.”

“Clearly found in a skip.”

“Desperate for the occupant of No 10 to clear off.”

“Leaving your lovely wife and hooking up with the young temptress.”

“Look like you’ve been strangled by a snail.”

“Appeared impervious to warnings.”

‘The Real Versailles’ Quotes:
“Not even the Queen could do that.”

“Wherever the King sleeps I sleep.”

“The reign of the vile bourgeoisie.”

“No one at Versailles was really rich.”

“Don’t forget who addresses you.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Their half-brother, John, squandered £30 million on drugs and high living, dying penniless at the age of 44 in 1999.”

“Was known for taking potshots at guests from an upstairs window of the family seat at Ickworth in Suffolk.”

“Clothes all foul - it’s a communist plot to degrade the national morale.”

“Their secret liaisons which seemed to take place in the lift, the basement, and, at one point, beneath the westway flyover.”

“Are fantastic on television, but you wouldn’t want to spend much time with them in your living room.”

“Have more cultural permission to be quiet.”

“Right, Reed. Come on. You, me. Outside.”

“Some excellent, if now discredited, eyebrow work.”

“Trevor Howard fell stupendously off the wagon during a live performance.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“I think you’re supposed to cook sausage.”

“That’s my stomach’s problem.”

“Can you send me a shiv for show and tell?”

“Shiv! With blood!”

“Fighting off prison inmates in a tornado.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Quote:
“Are 2 bottles of bourbon a normal Monday night?”

‘Upstart Crow’ Quotes:
“Tufted lady grotto.”

“Only partially bovine.”


“I want Bottom!”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You’re an alcoholic slob.”

“Stole my son’s Beats headphones.”

“Just out to get him.”

“Bashes my name.”

“I can’t answer yes and be truthful.”

“He steals from the children.”

“What nanny do we have?”

“Sunk so low.”

“Is everybody lying?”

“I disagree with that.”
“Oh of course you do.”

“She would be gone by now.”

“Medical records lie?”

“Reckless and absolutely unfounded.”

“You just want to assume things.”

‘Hex’ Quotes:
“The outdated kind of ghost who’s only seen by some irritating, autistic, and neglected kid who no one believes but always end up being right in the end.”

“She must not be understood.”

“Like you matter.”

‘Teen Titans’ Quotes:
“This time when I break you, stay broken.”

“You’re way creepy.”

“There are those who fear power.”

“You’re still alone.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad won’t listen to Lauren’s story about her dead husband’s lucky esky. Paul runs off. Ned lurks. Angus bores. Brad and Terese plot to ruin Paul. Lauren accuses Brad of cheating on her with his wife. Brad lies. Brad and Terese bully Steph. Terese needs to go; she’s an awful lying woman. Ned makes a move on Lauren, who’s old enough to be his mother.
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