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Book Review: The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 14

The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 14 Edited by Arthur W. Saha

This anthology is from 1988 and has a handful of good stories in it.

The Little Magic Shop
A man buys immortality at a magic shop and develops an odd bond with the shopowner. This was okay.

A man slips from parallel reality to parallel reality, each subtly different (very 'Fringe'). This is a sad tale.

Waiting For A Bus
Does a monster lurk at a bus stop holding people captive for its own amusement? This is a nice, creepy little tale.

Ever After

This is a fantastic retelling of Cinderella. The fairy Godmother gives this Cinderella a gift. But it's not glass slippers or a pumpkin coach, it's something far more terrible. This was excellent.
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