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Bones Season 4 finale Review

The End in the Beginning
98% of the ep is Booth's coma induced fantasy where almost everyone works at Brennan and Booth's nightclub. Someone murdered a mystery man in the toilet and now the married duo of Brennan and Booth must figure out who.

In between bouts of comedy, romance and mystery solving: Zack's back as a blithering idiot, Jared's back and still a twit, Hodgins does idiot 'hardboiled' narration and Sweets sings. There are callbacks to the Gravedigger and Gormogon plot arcs. Brennan wears neon nailpolish, the murder is solved and there is an overly long performance by Motley Crue.

Then Booth comes out of his coma, with amnesia. So Booth's been shot, had a brain tumour and now amnesia? Poor guy. This was a good ep as TPTB finally got to lay on the Brennan/Booth stuff.

Best Lines:
"You're the type of moron who goes to jail for a murder he didn't commit."

"I'm English, we don't use guns. We use our foreheads."

"He screamed like slutty girl number 1 in a teen horror film."

"Gormogon, it's stupid name. What does it even mean?"

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