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Book Review: Alt.Sherlock. Holmes, part 2 + 2 others

Alt.Sherlock. Holmes by Jamie Wyman, Gini Koch, Glen Mehn, part 2

A Study In Starlets
A follow up to ‘Ladies’. Holmes and Watson are PI’s in LA dealing with Irene Adler a wannabe reality TV star. A certain James is hinted at as a continuing imminent threat. Holmes is enchanted by consumerist culture and this has no cultural weight. Villains laboriously explain their master plan, there is romantic subtext, Watson falls conveniently unconscious and this invokes no fondness or admiration. It was not proficient and is inconsequential.

Half There/All There
Reprinted from ‘Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets’. Watson and Holmes are drugged out weirdniks in 60s NY hanging out with Andy Warhol. This was good and full of pervasive suspicion of Irene Adler. This was grubbily appropriate.

The Power Of Media
A sequel to ‘Half There’ as the 60s become the 70s, Holmes and Watson get involved with various major events. This invokes blithe disinterest and is startling in its inconsequence and lack of pathos. This was written with indifferent execution.

Best Lines:
“But what they are not is good actors.”

“Visibly disgusted, with himself and everything around him.”

“One of the best friends a man could have, if you could get past his weirdness.”

“Heiresses desperately seeking disgrace.”

“A more miserable hive of the desperate and demented.”

“Manufacturing complacency.”

“Enhancing paranoia.”

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Neuromancer by William Gibson
Okay future making.
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