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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'Timeless' trailer
A stolen time machine and a team go back to stop trouble. It's like 'Time Tunnel'. This has whining, hints, cheese and looks dire.

Best Line:
"I think someone who loved history would want to save it."

"He's going to help bring down the Hindenberg."

"The future is not on your side."

"I know what you're really meant to be."

1970 Royal Variety Performance: Freddie Starr’s Mick Jagger Impression
This is hilarious. A bad wig, a barely there t-shirt, pursed lips and dad dancing can be very effective. Just don’t think about what Starr did later in life.

Snog Marry Avoid US’ promo

Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle’ promo

Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories’ promo

Thai Sweet Chilli flavour crisps - okay.
Gluten free green Thai curry - yum.
Potato salad - nice.
Biscuit cake - okay.

‘Daily Mail’ Quotes:
“Stayed with her husband after a previous embarrassment, when he was caught with two teenage girls in a hotel room in 2007 while she, then pregnant, was in hospital.”

“Camel bites off its owner’s HEAD.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not free to leave nursing homes.”

“Cast-iron ideas of womanhood and domesticity.”

“In pursuit of self-actualisation.”

“Slightly delusional.”

“An intense, wordy study of café society.”

“Churlish and a little bit mean.”

“Not-inconsiderable element.”

“A flash of danger, is always useful.”

“The trajectory into acting is an unwelcome one.”

“Left her lookng anything but dominant.”

“Hillary can’t generate excitement of her own so she is relying on fear of Trump to get her into the White House. And Trump is relying on fear of everything to get him into the White House.”

“Valid requester.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Don’t wave that egg.”

“Egg waving heckler.”

“How much suction there should be in a vacuum cleaner.”

‘Upstart Crow’ Quotes:
“Saucy prancings.”

“A low pretender to the rank of gentlemen.”

“Talentless turd in tights.”

“Show this churl your feathery bumshank.”

“Heave a bucket of wee over him.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sienna dumps Ben. James and John-Paul lie in bed in flabby stupefaction at their own degeneracy. Trevor and Grace are to marry. Sienna has matchless insincerity. This has no savage narrative arc, not since the baby Katy plot. As for the actress who played Sinead, she’s given into bizarre media portrayals of her herself. This has no disquieting atmosphere. Maxine shows up - where is her child? And her sister? Why isn’t the wedding limo clamped? Didn’t Nancy use to be a journalist? Scott has psychological complexity all of a sudden. Darren is a thick arse.

Darren and Nancy mock Grace and Trevor as dirty low rent street trash. James keeps money under his bed. Maxine is useless. Esther orders Darren and Nancy to attend the wedding. Nico freaks out. Nobody is a social realist. Trevor has a good cry over Dylan’s photo.

Best Lines:
“Grace! Your nails!”

“You can’t throw that away for Trevor.”

“Taking bets on your marriage.”
“Which one?”

“Angry little lesbian.”

“That stuck up rancid little lawyer.”

“That woman isn’t happy unless she’s wrecking somebody’s life.”
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