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Book Review: Alt. Sherlock. Holmes, part 1

Alt. Sherlock. Holmes by Jamie Wyman, Gini Koch, Glen Mehn, part 1
A follow up to ‘Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets’ reprints three short stories from that anthology and presents three novellas spun off from those short stories.

A Scandal In Hobohemia
It is the Dust Bowl early thirties. Crash is a cranky brilliant loner bedevilled by a feral threat from an unknown enemy. Alas no poignancy or complete plausibility is present. This was dull. This is a reprint from ‘Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets’.

The Case Of The Tattooed Bride
This is a sequel to ‘Hobohemia’. It sees Crash and Walker hang out at disreputable haunts in this stultifying tale. Crash’s unknown arch enemy/elusive evil reveals his pointed intent in a cliffhanger ending. This was all studied quirks and joylessness.

All The Single Ladies
This is a tale of a modern day Holmes and Watson. The female Holmes saves Watson from the wiles of a serial killer and reality TV. This reprint from ‘Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets’ is not a subtle iteration.
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