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Supergirl 1x16 + The Secret 1x04 + Richard III + Agents Of SHIELD 3x20 Reviewed

This was the best episode so far. There is an ‘Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl’ crossover next season to look forward to or not. Cat is on a bad talk show. James doesn’t ask Kara out yet. Senator Crane shows up. After exposure to red kryptonite, Kara stops being consistently nice. Kara dresses like an adult. The baddie du jour has bad make up. Kara spins in a chair and has a roar of frustration at the constraints under which she lives.

Kara is deliciously arch and has negative emotions. She is a fearsome entity. Siobhan gets fired. Kara adds decent hair to her ensemble of decent clothes. Cat has a wholesale dismissive approach to Siobhan. Kara is remote and uncaring. Cat is menaced. Max Lord shows up at the DEO. There is a homage to ‘Superman III’. Lord has no nuance and is mesmerisingly useless. Cat is not complicated or sympathetic. Kara is increasingly demented. Cat denounces Supergirl and causes much ill-feeling.

Whilst this was not entirely fresh or electrifying or properly searing, it was good. Where did Kara get her sexy evil Astra like outfit? Did Alex really make Kara dress dowdy? Alex cries again. The DEO forget they have kryptonite weapons. There is growing media and public resentment of Supergirl. Where is Superman? Kara tries to kill Alex and Hank reveals himself. Catco is damaged in the process. Hank is arrested. Alex is too sweetly sentimental, a big change from 1x01. Kara and her massive eyeliner cries and is melancholic after getting her moral ideas back. She has done the not inconsiderable feat of creating consequences.

Best Line:
“If I shoved you, could you fly?”

“I’m friends with all the nice girls.”

“Any Republicans?”
“Two reformed.”

“Kick. Alien. Ass.”

“You’re not even worth looking at.”

“Another job that under-appreciates me.”

“I don’t mind it. Yet.”

“Be gone.”

“What the poor man’s Lois Lane was too idiotic to keep.”

“She killed Miss Grant?”

“They worship me. And those who don’t, will!”

“Deep down, you hate me.”

“Doesn’t look like help to me.”

“Don’t finish that sentence.”

The Secret 1x04
Kyle wants Colin gone. So he lives in a trailer, reads porn and loses all his money in the most obvious scam ever. There are good views of the town though. Colin emotes like Lear. Then he confesses to the church elders that he is an adulterous, sex offending murderer as well as a thief, tax cheat and spendthrift. Colin has infinite adaptability and has no real remorse. His confession is not unfeigned or is it? He is not muted and introspective. This was not a minimalist intimate epic. There are no gently outlined revelations as things get ludicrously overheated.

The police come for Hazel and she feels no guilt or remorse. 18 years have passed since the murders and justice finally comes for her. Colin’s convicted, Hazel pleads not guilty and is tried. She shirks her responsibility. There is no grubby verite. Hazel has no display of contrition. Colin is much maligned by the defence but looks forward to life after jail. This was an okay tale of impiety.

Best Lines:
“You still haven’t repented Colin.”

“I just don’t believe you anymore.”

“Seems morally right.”

“That was God’s warning to me.”

“What’s been said?”

The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses Richard III (2016)
This was a good adaptation of a play too often dismissed as comic-strip Tudor propaganda. There are no genuine concerns about authority or kingship or the huge turnover of crowns just a cumulatively monstrous deformed Richard (Benedict Cumberbatch). It is 10 years after the end of ‘Henry VI part 2’, a sick Edward IV reigns. His brother George is sent to the tower. Their mother (Judi Dench) lurks looking concerned.

Anne Neville orates pretentious dialogue. Richard orates and chews the décor as a cauldron of rage. They wed after a chat over her 1st husband’s grave. Richard does evil gloating in ominous and shadowy corners. The narrative’s propulsive principle is good. Richard has exulting glee in casting a lengthy shadow.

Queen Elizabeth Woodville is dissentious. Her clan are rancorous enemies to Richard and various geographically named Dukes who wander in and out at random. The deposed Queen Margaret staggers around like an unkempt mad woman. George is murdered and Edward IV dies. Queen Elizabeth Woodville flees into sanctuary. Her sons are precious child actors.

Richard and his sidekicks do black comedy to have him made King. Anne does not want to be Queen and he has her killed anyway. Richard has his nephews killed and is uneasy on the throne. Henry Tudor lurks and Henry VI did prophesise that Henry Tudor would be King. Richard’s pals can’t trust him. Queen Elizabeth Woodville is a redhead for some reason. Richard decides to marry his niece Elizabeth of York. Queen Margaret, Richard’s mother and Queen Elizabeth Woodville plot and curse Richard.

This looks like a horror movie. Richard is haunted by a dream of his victims and ghostly princelings. Henry Tudor invades and is noble and loved by his troops. Richard is an arse. There is sudden rain and the duo fight and brawl in the mud. Richard dies unloved in the mud and Henry Tudor now Henry VII has won. This was dark, blackly comic and not sardonic or cosily ingratiating

Best Lines:
“The lascivious pleasing of a lute.”

“Plots I have laid.”

“He cannot live. I hope.”

“Do not hear him plead.”

“To take is not to give.”

“Rooting hog!”

“Damned strumpet!”

“Wail his death.”

“A lewd love-bed.”

“To make the Earth my hell.”

Set after ‘Captain America: Civil War’, Coulson shows the callous hypocrisy of respectable opinion. May and Coulson sneer at the possibility of oversight. There is oblique plotting and glazed affectless performances. Coulson creates avoidable conflict. The Christ-like-heroic narrative surrounding Coulson is purposely self constructed. HIVE makes grand declarations. There is no sense of impending doom just missed opportunities. Lincoln feels increasingly alienated and then does not. May takes doctrinate positions. She’s so rigid and unrelenting. Fitz and Simmons are un-characteristically jolly in their awfulness and inexplicable surliness. Couslon is openly hostile to Talbot. This had no moral or emotional core. Mack is boring. Talbot keeps taking Coulson’s crap. This was filler and had no war of wills. This was unwatchably stupid. Andrew dies saving Daisy because she queefs beer or something.

Best Lines:
“I can’t let this end well for you.”

“Who follows a stranger down a dark alley?”

“What’s the tray for?”
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