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Trailers, Quotes and a 2006 Tape Tale

‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ TV spot
Stop giving Depp jobs!

‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ trailer

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ opening credits

‘Versailles’ promo

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ promo

‘Top Cat Begins’ TV spot

Lidl gluten free pizza - mediocre.
Caesar dressing - tangy.
Organic sparkling Elderflower - okay.

I will review ‘American Horror Story: Coven’.

I read the ‘Alien’, ‘Aliens’ and ‘Back To The Future’ novelizations a few years ago and they were okay.

What is 7up Mojito?

RIP Alan Young.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The costume is almost a character in its own right.”

“How transient life really is.”

“Amazing self-creations.”

“Shouted his way to the best acting trophy.”

“Remains very unsettling.”

“Nobody wants to see Seneca.”

“The unmentioned presence.”

“Sub-machine guns at airports were once a strange sight.”

“No piece of furniture is unpounded.”

“Her superpowers include: holding her laser rope/sword the right way up, standing with her legs shoulder-width apart and dressing like a stripper.”

“That particular tomorrow never comes.”

“Comical use of autotune.”

“Ruminating angrily.”

“Societies should be ordered systemically, by brute force if necessary.”


“Had gone from bad to beyond repair.”

“Walking away and staying away.”

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Quotes:
“Some false sense of progress.”

“Bright and stupid and fun.”

‘The Windsors’ Quotes:
“This is the Royal Variety Show. I intend to make it the greatest one since Freddie Starr got an encore for his Mick Jagger impression.”

“The alarmingly unpleasant.”

“Losing valuable career momentum.”

“Your emotional test scores are extremely low. It’s almost what you’d expect to see from a lizard.”

“I made it in a Latvian mental hospital.”

“For what people with below average intelligence will find amusing.”

‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ Quote:
“From snivelling runt to pompous ass in 25 years. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You’re losing. Badly.”

“Social mask.”

“One log won’t burn.”

“You don’t have to react.”

“Erosion of the family.”

‘My Family’ Quote:
“Eating fried chicken out of a skip.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Staffed by reporters in cheap suits.”

“The bitterness of poetic logic is that its transcendent ideal always falls short in the actual expressing.”

“One can always find material for despair.”

“Discourse of pure reason.”

“Post semantic and totally post-rational.”

“Defiant t-shirts.”

“One-time scourge of the music industry.”

“Habit-forming episodic narratives.”

“These things are communal experiences.”

“Pimp from hell.”

“Remember bedazzled sidekick flip-phones.”

“Musclely tattooed shirtless images.”

“Bit rot.”

“Data rot.”

“Link rot.”

“Felt that writing was an immoral act.”

“He would summon his butler, then get into the bath and pretend to be a salmon.”

“Social despair and demoralisation.”

“Transforming epiphanies.”

“Incandescent, mysterious or headlong with portent.”

‘Hobgoblin’ Quotes:
“Don’t be such a squirrel.”

“I’ve been busy.”
“Yeah, we know, killing yourself.”

‘Glee’ Quotes:
“Looks like an old Justin Timberlake.”

“I’m taking away the sewing machine.”

“An incredibly loud sense of fashion.”

“I’m this.”

“Cracked a stained glass window.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Who was expected to die “at any moment” for a number of years.”

“A real and present danger to public morality.”

“Predatory females prowling menacingly through the corridors of power in search of other women’s husbands.”

“Deeply disquieting.”

“Utterly nefarious.”

“They hou.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“When to wear pearls (apparently you can’t wear them before you’re married or all the posh people will laugh at you behind their hands).”

“Defied his values and characters.”

“Maybe I’ve just got an evil face.”

“Ghastly experience.”

“Not doing anything without his personal authorisation.”

“Continuing close relationship with questionable figures.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Don’t deny premise.”

“Your space work. Your strong choices in scene building skills.”

‘Alt. Sherlock Holmes’ Quote:
“Playing dress-up in the gutter.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Is James hitting on John-Paul? Sienna has drama. Grace dresses bizarrely for her hen-night.

Cleared out a 2006 tape. It began with a ‘Torchwood’ ep ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ in which Jack and Tosh end up in the 1940s. There is terrible acting and so much talking. This was perfectly inadequate. Then came another ‘Torchwood’ ep ‘End of Days’ in which Jack’s team turn on him and the rift fractures. There are no moral dilemmas just people acting stunningly self-important and this was numbingly empty. Gwen is selfish and neurotically vulnerable and boisterously platitudinous. This was all sameyness and Jack striding around like a prophet in the wilderness. This had no rawness or intensity. Jack pisses off and his team didn’t even care.

Then came a ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Crossroad Blues’ in which a crossroads demon is sinister. In latter seasons, they were made unrecognisably jolly and lusty. This was not of profound importance. Recall when this show had an air of unease?

Best Lines:
“That always ends good.”

“She ain’t running fast enough.”

Then there was an ‘SG1’ ep ‘The Quest part 2’ in which Adria menaces the team and kidnaps Daniel. People walk around cheap sets and yap. This had no deathless images or minute detail. This was not richly sophisticated or infinitely complex.

Best Line:
“Why do I bother?”
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