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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Trek’ teaser
In 2017, a new adventure. I’m there, I’m not sure about the logo but I’m there.

‘The Woods’ teaser trailer
A slowed down cover of ‘Every Breath You Take’ plays as campers camp and are menaced. Good I’m there.

‘Colony’ 1x07 promo
Katie is thick and this promo was better than the episode itself.

Best Line:
“You question my loyalty.”

The Arrangement’ trailer
A woman is hired to marry an actor for 10 million dollars. The actor’s creepy cult leader friend (Michael Vartan) lurks. Hee, hee, hee.

Best Lines:
“That is what acting is supposed to be.”

“I don’t want to clean up another trainwreck.”

‘The Musketeers’ series 3 promo
Bad wigs, muskets, stuff blowing up, spittle spraying and glowering. Ugh, no wonder this was cancelled.

‘Prison Break’ promo
This event series sees Michael’s son, Linc and T-Bag. Michael is alive and is another jail. Sarah whines and there is yet another jail break. No, no, no, no, NO!

‘Son Of Zorn’ trailer
A ‘He-Man’ like cartoon character interacts with the real world. This looks hilariously funny.

Best Lines:
“I know you’re fake sleeping.”

“Fivesome with those mountain trolls.”

“Handles great on murder swoops.”

“How would you like that cooked?”

‘Outcast’ promo
Possession is just the beginning in this town full of demons. Maybe.

Best Lines:
“You ain’t seen a fight yet.”

“Darkness spew forth.”

“Come and get me.”

Designated Survivor’ trailer
Keifer Sutherland stars in this tale of an attack that wipes out the US government and now Kiefer is POTUS. Ray Wise, Maggie Q and Kal Penn co-star. I want to see this.

Best Lines:
“Sir, you are now the President.”

“What the hell am I doing here?

‘Conviction’ trailer
Hayley Atwell is a bad girl and former First Daughter. She’s made head of the conviction integrity unit. This has no raw potent power and looks crap.

‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ promo

‘Agatha Raisin’ promo
They’ve made more?!?!

‘Empire’ promo

Gluten free and wheat free sea salt & Rosemary Focaccia - yum.
Caramel filled milk chocolate - ugh.

Pearly shine lip balm smells nice.

I will review ‘And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After’, ‘The Immortals’, ‘Star Dreams’, ‘Force and Motion’, ‘The Rival Queens’, ‘The Hallow’, ‘From A Drood To A Kill’ and ‘Rebel’.

So is there or isn’t there a ‘Grave Encounters 3’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Its loss has not been explained to this day.”

“Serious deficiencies.”

“Certain inappropriate and unpleasant views, opinions and attitudes.”

“We are losing the will to breed.”

“Our civilisation is also under internal assault from postmodern intellectual elites and their acolytes in the mass media, who enthusiastically embrace moral and cultural relativism, multiculturalism and political correctness.”

“Paternalistic discourse.”

“They lived in a closed, endogenous society that inter-married, and the only thing that interested them was their internal power struggles.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“By her grace.”

“Pick up crack.”

“He’ll give it to the drug dealer.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste is an arse. Lindsey is gone from the opening credits and there are lots of new character shots. John-Paul is pained. Why didn’t Harry give his father the 10,000? Pete is let go despite everything. Pete is an ass, Ben bores and Cleo’s stupidity is daunting and near legendary. Kim is disowned. Grace’s exhortations grate. Myra dresses badly. This does not provoke thought. Diane whines. Harry and James con Tony. Esther makes a memorial for Lindsey in the grotto when she tried to kill herself. Kim is glad her sister is dead.

John-Paul tries to talk to Cleo. Nico smirks over a photo of Lindsey. Cleo and her hun bun is irreconcilable with sense. She’s a dim bitch who should be thrown out of the house as a punitive measure. James and his frozen face smirks. Ste is a life ruiner. John-Paul throws Myra out of her own house. Where is Diego?

Best Lines:
“Why are you protecting him again?”

“I’m the product of this weird love affair.”

“Having his cleavage waxed.”

“He was Ian back then.”

“How can I ever forgive you?”

“This is all on Cleo.”

“Shut up both of you.”

“An angry gene or two.”

“Tears and snot and wailing.”


She can’t be trusted.”
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