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Book Review: Cthulhu Lies Dreaming, part 2

Cthulhu Lies Dreaming edited by Salome Jones, part 2

An okay tale of a gym teacher and his grave disquiet after an accident.

Sometimes The Void Stares Back
A slightly contrived tale of a man gone mad in a nauseous fug.

Beyond The Shore
A girl dreams and lives her life in a weird sustained sulk. She is only happy when she dreams of the cursed sandscape. This is a good feted homage to one of Lovecraft’s most famous tales.

Black Mathematics
A music journalist looks into a Lovecraft inspired band. This was an indecently exciting good horror.

Father Of Dread
A cursed play puts people in strange positions in a bizarrely deadened city. Okay.

He Sees You In His Dreams
A man discovers the flatness of reality and how everything looks horrible beyond. Okay.

Isophase Light
Astronomers look to the stars and go mad. Good.

During WW2, people are shipwrecked on an iceberg. This was obvious and deserves no rapturous acclaim.

Seven Nights In A Sleep Clinic
A woman dreams and the dreams won’t let her go. This was okay with some speculation about what happened after.

Mykes Reach
Garner consolation from this tale, bankers really are vile unclean monsters. This was not painfully topical just inept.

Notes For A Life Of Nightmares
A nice little summation of the life of an artist. Faultless.

A ridiculous tale.

Out On Route 22
A loser encounters the other. Has no horrifying majesty.

The Red Brick Building
A man returns to a terrible place he escaped as a child. The twist is obvious but this builds quiet anticipation. Okay.

The Lullaby of Eric Zann
Bad things happen to a composer. Okay.

Cymthoa Cthullhii
Wasters get wasted. No.
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