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Last Refuge
There is bad acting and a bad UK accent. The Pilgrim tries to kill the team’s younger selves. Wasn’t this a ‘Red Dwarf’ ep? There are bad SFX. Young Rory can’t act. The Pilgrim talks about Temporal Damage. There are bad wigs, obvious stunt doubles and Rip is boring and has no endless sincerity. This ep is not worth enduring, just tonally uncertain.

Ray rolls around and groans. This was horrendous, sick, toxic, dull and superfluous. There is babble about Temporal Micro-Manipulation. Stein recalls he abandoned his wife. Sara and Kendra pretend to be nurses in 1975 but nurses didn’t dress like that in 1975. Kendra and Sara coo over babies. There is sap as Jax meets his dad. Rip meets his foster mother and his real name is revealed. There is a Refuge and a Trans-Chronal Beacon. ENOUGH, hearing Paul Blackthorne’s bizarre real accent was better than this. It’s something else.

Best Lines:
“Don’t listen to my advice.”

“I don’t cry.”

“It was an accident.”
“Sure it was.”

“It’s morally questionable.”

“Paradox prevention.”

Lindsey the tutor attends a creepy new church. Maddie sleeps with Nolan (Adrian Pasdar) as his wife Charlotte watches. There is
ominous foreshadowing, Katie is wretched and Lindsey babbles weird religious stuff to Gracie and gives her a book. Do the aliens want children? Katie is shunned and I’m laughing at her stupidity.

Will and Jennifer get access to the Rolodex. Will and co learn Broussard’s past. Broussard blows stuff up and kills people. The Resistance is too old, too dumb and too diseased to succeed. WTF is the Rolodex? Why is Katie so damn stupid? Why do the Redhats take photos off the wall? Why the bird logo? Why was this ep so bad?

Quayle is a tool. Will serves the aliens loyally. Nolan is a perv. Broussard has a skill set. Katie is a deluded betraying liar. Snyder has a daughter. Katie won’t stop whining even as they get info on Charlie. Charlotte lets Maddie know she serves at her pleasure. Nolan serves in the Political Wing and hints he may move Maddie from side ho to wife. Jennifer reveals her old job, a non-verbal housekeeper smirks at Maddie and Katie is a moron. Will finally sees sense. This was horrible.

Best Lines:
“Who the hell has C4 these days?”
“Nobody I want to meet.”

“The graveyards of history are littered with merciful men.”

“That’s the rule, her rule.”

“He’s coming for you.”


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