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Book Reviews: Elusive Salvation + Dead Lovely + Cthulhu Lies Dreaming, part 1

Star Trek The Original Series: Elusive Salvation by Dayton Ward
This very good novel is a sequel to the tepid ‘From History’s Shadow’. In 1845, alien refuges crash-land on Earth’s inhospitable wastes. In 2283, Admiral Kirk meets an alien race in need of help. And in 1970, Roberta Lincoln - the protégée of Gary Seven - receives a request for help from the future. In the past, Majestic 12 deals with aliens. And Starfleet’s many various time travelling jaunts to the past have very unintended consequences. The last line is a killer and explains so very much.

Best Lines:
“The man still managed to find a rather troubling number of methods and reasons to return to the twentieth century.”

“Even if he was never to know what he was defending.”

“Among the shadows of history shall we forever lurk.”

Dead Lovely by Helen Fitzgerald
Krissie is a mess, a walking hot mess who unexpectedly gets knocked up. Her BFF Sarah wants a baby, but the hotly anticipated pregnancy has never happened. An ill-timed hiking holiday allows pretences to fall away as betrayal, death, near death, madness and long buried secrets erupt. This was good high camp soap.

Best Lines:
“He said all the right things, and was now allowed to go and read his paper.”

“He regretted following in his father’s footsteps and doing medicine, because he did not like hard work and being a doctor was hard work.”

“The house had all the trademarks of the underclass.”

Cthulhu Lies Dreaming edited by Salome Jones, part 1

A dinner lady and a tale of terror. This was ridiculous with no plausibility in this terrible of terrible invasion.

This inept tale is a low energy non committal mess that is not deeply sinister.

The Myth Of Proof
A Dawkins like blowhard serves a secret purpose. This was not salvageable or edge of the seat strange or daringly protracted.

A maid serves two typical horribly demanding Lovecraft like ‘heroes’ until she rebels. This was an okay tale of the spiteful Id.

The Star That Is Not A Star
A good story based around Chernobyl.

August Lokken
A half formed and feeble tale of an evil brother that has no provocative élan.

Wake My Lord
Druggies whine in this terminally witless tale that was reverently preposterous and very tiresome.
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