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The Runaway Dinosaur
The gang are never sufficiently grateful. Jesse and Wally are a non-issue. Henry sits. Cisco vibes. Barry meets the speed force who orates. This was directed by Kevin Smith of ‘Mallrats’. Barry sneers with amused indulgence. This was oppressive and bleak. I view season 2 in a distinctly negative light. Henry finally reminds Joe that he is Barry’s father. The unlikeliness of events grows. Iris is an avid-detractor. A zombie Girder lurches. Barry and his skinny-jeans bores.

STAR Labs has a morgue. Henry mumbles. The underlying difficulty of this ep is that it is boring. Barry’s plaintive entreaties annoy and Jason Mewes cameo amuses. This was not mighty fine. Iris won’t stop inserting herself into events and conversations. Doesn’t she have a job she should be at? Enjoyment is elusive and meaning is indistinct in this ponderous ep. The speed force gives Barry a new costume. Iris will not go away. Henry finally decides to come home. Iris makes everything all about her. Snow is given a choice and Zoom has a metahuman army.

Best Lines:
“Plunges the world into heat-death.”

“After the first accident.”

“This didn’t tip any of you off that he might be secretly evil?”

“You get behind me.”

“Major rage issues.”

“Define safe.”

“The poor dumb bastard.”

“He’s after me. Again.”

“Unspeakable evil.”

“You saw what I chose.”

“Smush us all into chunky sauce.”

Swift Hardhearted Stone
I’m sure as soon as the gang puzzle out the truth, they’ll find it not to their liking. Not one bit. This ep was not intense nor did it have a sinister edge. The shrink’s name is Dr Robert Borden and he is drawn into the case of a mysterious autistic girl found wandering the streets. She’s part of a Syrian terrorist clan. A rock star journalist annoys. The girl does drawings that could identify her clan. An official (William Ragsdale of the original ‘Fright Night’ and ‘Grosse Pointe’) lurks. There is death, verbal assaults and a girl unable to advocate for herself. The gang have genuine concern.

Kurt is like Adrian Mole: forever obsessed with his childhood love Taylor. It is more obvious how obsessed and damaged Kurt is. Borden is a 1D fan. Reade shows up. Tasha is angry. Sense is cruelly dismissed. The official is the baddie, like duh. Jane does something she shouldn’t. Mayfair is in trouble. Where does Kurt go for his grooming? Salon school?

Best Lines:
“I like cottages.”

“Can’t imagine a life like that now.”

“Only slightly less dysentery.”

“You ice me out.”

“We could use some of this to kill someone.”

“You shoot him, we’ll shoot you.”

“Sorry I blew up your house.”

Un Mal Dia
This Spanish drama is known as ‘Vis A vis’ and centres on Macarena (like the dance) who gets sent to jail for 7 years. She lies to her parents and claims she is on a cruise and has flashbacks to her married lover/boss. There is a nice guard, nasty guards, a vile evil inmate named Zulema, nice inmates, staring inmates and an inmate named Yolanda with a big secret.

There is no high spirited fun in this jail just dour unpleasant drama. People have palpable disgust for Macarena’s dumbness and uncontrollable, frightened, miserable whimpering. I feel only blistering scorn for her. This was relentlessly mediocre and I had no personal investment in her nitwittery. It’s belaboured how evil Zulema is and how long a reach she has outside the jail.

Yolanda befriends Macarena and is nice to her. Then Yolanda is horribly killed. Macarena learns that Yolanda was sent to jail for stealing 9 million and it is hidden somewhere out there. Macarena finds the clue to where the money is. But what will or can she do with it? This was okay in places but I have no interest in further exploration of the emotionally inappropriate relationships, sex, guards, inmates and a possible planned escape.

Best Lines:
“Your bearded clam.”

“Be careful what you say around here.”

“I hope she dies soon.”


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