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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Outcast’ promo

Chocolate digestive - dry.
Crazy orange loaded bar - yum.

‘Angie Tribeca’ is terrible, half-assed and sloppy.

‘Laugh In’ (1968 - 1972) was okay.

I’m not sure about new ‘Star Trek’ novel covers.

There will be an ‘Insidious 4’?

Teddy Sears was in the failed ‘Doubt’ pilot?

‘The Lords Of Discipline’ (1984) was bad.

On ‘The Hills’ Lauren was always playing the victim and had no reticence with being the worst friend ever and shunning her ‘friends’ or leaving them in an abusive relationship.

Best Lines:
“My answer is get out of my car.”

“I appreciate that. Thank you.”

“You screwed up a lot of friendships.”

‘Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit’ Quote:
“Victory city.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You have wine in bed again with the baby?”

“She hit me with an ice tray.”

“Excessive emotionality.”

“Situation specific.”

“It’s a toxic situation.”

“Toxic elements of the world.”

“Moral fitness.”

“Protect those children from her.”

“Sever ties.”

‘Daily Mail’ Quote:
“Sheep lick containers.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“With somebody online who he doesn’t know and will never meet.”

“You don’t have to live on your own to experience solitude.”

“Tell him I will remember those statements.”

“Obvious and impersonal contempt.”

“Bad elements.”

“Own historical destiny.”

‘Eastenders’ Quote:
“Sort yourself out or I will hurt you.”

Sky News’ Quote:
“We know how to dodge a hat.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“The family that been lost to him.”

“Psychiatrists, homosexuals, extreme liberals and women.”

“Hating people from a broadly similar town 30 miles away.”

“Their shadows catch fire.”

“Fire and forget.”

“Some remarkable attitudes.”

“Has been sanitised of its character.”

“Some right weirdoes.”

“Peggy faced a dilemma: die or face having Grant and Phil as carers.”

“Wolf-like devotion.”

“The more masculine step of the street.”

“Prevailing social attitudes.”

“Self-discipline and preventability at all times.”

“No one had intervened to protect him.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad shunts Ned. Lauren still doesn’t think she did anything wrong by stealing Terese’s husband and thinks Ned fancies her. Ned lists all the women Brad has professed to love.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Silas has Mercedes hostage. He’s a pensioner - why doesn’t she just make him fall down so he can’t get up? Since when is the hospital shut? Lindsey has a baby girl. Myra is dreadful. Scott proposes to John-Paul. Kim tries to help Lindsey. Hypnotoad is useless. Joe is faux-nonchalant. Silas is mildly unsettling and brings up Mercedes son Bobby who is his great-grandson. John-Paul is still married to Ste. Lindsey blames her serial killing on the crap Hypnotoad pulled to steal her from Joe and she visibly anguished.

The sheer insanity of this whole plot boggles. Why is JJ still a baby? Shouldn’t he be bigger? Why do people have a culture of acquiescence to the serial killers? How can Lindsey get away? She just gave birth! Silas outsmarts Mercedes. Kim tries to talk sense into Lindsey. The previous Lyndsey is brought up. Why is Kim so intensely loyal to Lindsey?  Scott is like a bad ‘Carry On’ character. Mercedes emotionally injures Silas.

Lindsey constructs a specific sort of personal narrative about her life and tells Silas to kill her friend Mercedes. A social reckoning looms. Mala Fides! Lindsey names her newborn daughter Kimberley. Negative force Lindsey heads for her total psychological and emotional destruction. Mercedes and Silas make a deal. Lindsey and her insincerity says goodbye to Kimberley. Silas makes a damning argument against Lindsey and kills her. Silas gets away again and there is much mirroring of original Lyndsey’s death.

Cleo has a shameful attitude and no moral responsibility. TPTB mechanically rejig plots. Cleo is evil and conniving. Joe yells. Kim is hated on. This is an inevitably grim and unflattering account of Chester folk. Cleo tries to run off with Pete who attacks John-Paul. Everyone is aggrieved and dissatisfied. Loudly berating Hypnotoad is foul. Who’ll bury Lindsey? Who’ll raise Kimberly? Esther and Kim chat. People are confrontational. Myra is awful. John-Paul’s parentage comes out.

Best Lines:
“He’s a monster, like her!”

“They were better off dead.”

“He’s just a little old man.”

“No one’s ever liked me back before.”

“The Lindsey we knew, she’s gone.”

“She stole him from me.”

“The girl we both thought we loved.”

“Another of your illegitimate children.”

“Playing mummy to someone else’s child.”

“Even your clothes are almost respectable.”

“You lost him all by yourself!”

“This tart.”

“There is a purpose to what I do.”

“You’re not even worthy of her name.”

“Your children will be better off without you.”

“Lindsey is the biggest slut of them all!”

“I am not a bad person.”

“Until she was with you, she was normal.”

“Lindsey has being playing swap-the-Roscoe for years!”
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