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Book Reviews: Abyss + Cloak + 3 others

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Section 31: Abyss by David Weddle and Jeffrey Lang
Bashir is the embodiment of a terrifying legacy. It comes with a choice. This entry in the 2001 crossover event has foreshadowing of ‘Destiny’ and other future books. Bashir is recruited into Section 31’s poisonous narrative. He is tasked to take down a malice dripping rogue Section 31 agent. This has unstoppable ruthlessness, Bashir being visibly anguished and the beginning of the transformation of tinkertrill Dax into the grim and joyless cow she would later become.

Vaughn does more of his epic mythic mysteriousness and Section 31 does terrible, diabolical, cruel and immoral things. This was good but looking back in retrospect it is hard to see Bashir surrounded by people who profess to be his friends and care for him yet would later utterly abandon him.

Best Lines:
“No N’renix-class ever left Romulan-controlled space during the war.”

“Your latest romantic fantasy is this idea that you’re the solitary opponent to the gigantic conspiracy. It feeds your ego.”

Star Trek The Original Series Section 31: Cloak by S.D. Perry
This 2001 novel sees the Enterprise look into the mysterious destruction of a starship, McCoy gets diagnosed with a fatal disease and people give tacit approval to idiot behaviour. This was not fiercely original and has considerable problems. An obvious bad girl shows up and the big reveal is lame. This never gains momentum and is dull to an absurd degree. Kirk has a mini-crisis over the worrisome undercurrents and the predatory vibe and implacable evil of section 31 but decides to live with it.

Best Line:
“There’s something hiding in the shadows,”

Doom #2: Hell On Earth by Dafydd ab Hugh & Brad Linaweaver
This 1998 novel is horrible.

Doom #1: Knee Deep In The Dead by Dafydd ab Hugh & Brad Linaweaver
Awful beyond words.

The Satan Bug by Alistair McLean
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