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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Office Space’ (1999) promo

‘Dolores Claiborne’ (1995) promo

Sparkling Elderflower Refresher - okay.

Is the show ‘Conviction’ a go?

MTV’s ‘Baby Faced Brides’ is just sad.

‘Panda Babies’ was cute and very right, there aren’t enough of them to lose.

‘Reign’ is renewed.

Denise Crosby is the granddaughter of Bing, I had wondered.

‘Henry VI part 2’ Quotes:
“You are all undutiful.”

“I am ye better.”

‘Richard III’ Quote:
“Dogs bark at me as I halt by them.”

‘Wild Cities’ Quote:
“Catch feral pigeons.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“You used to have complicated conversations.”

“The fear cabal.”

“Cinema’s great dumbing down.”

“They perceive women as risks.”

“Devised a route for him to escape the fans by crawling along a parapet to a neighbour’s house.”

“The ring came flying over the balcony.”

“What he had hoped for in marriage was a woman who’d be there every night to tell him he was wonderful.”

“Blanket, cotton or linen to wipe the nether end.”

“A Tudor prescription for stomach pains during pregnancy was an infusion of wormwood, spearmint, rose water and a dead chaffinch.”

“I do not live in a corner.”

“How to have great sex while wearing a hairpiece.”


“Bustling women who claim there aren’t enough hours in the day, but who don’t demonstrably do anything.”

“The turning point when history failed to turn.”

“Few were persuaded that his appearance was voluntary.”

“Egregious breach.”

“We’re expected to suppress all we’ve learnt and fit back into the patriarchal, hierarchical, traditional autocratic cultures.”

“Unable to accept injustice.”

“Been through two bleak winters.”

“Management zone.”

“Unrelated issues.”

“Incontestably authentic.”


“The usual ashtray gassing of hipster barbecue restaurants.”

“He has to make do with nothing.”

“Wanted a specific cake with handmade butterflies all over it,”

“Totally unnecessary.”

“Amazing but not presented well.”

“Spent hens.”

“Two combative ingredients.”

“Least successful.”

“Overzealous with the frying thereof.”

“Redolent of football-ground half-time Bovril.”


“Chose to see him as he saw himself.”

“A planet of total extremes,”

“Does the heat radiating from Jupiter stem from its immense gravity crushing its own core?”

“There is no life on Jupiter.”

“Pervasive influences.”

“Felt alienated from the rest of the world.”

“A woman fearing lonely old age was told to find a sex-starved sailor at the dock.”

“The pressure of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be.”

“Nobody in their household has either the concern or the incentive to make them go.”

“Foul rumours.”

“It tit.”

“Party tits.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“No lip-to-hair cling.”

“Compositional elements.”

“Chromatic scales.”

“Inexhaustible sympathy.”

“Lubricious succulence.”

“Isn’t terribly nice.”

“Partial to a feud.”

“Serial thugs who stole each other’s wives.”

“Invariably hostile.”

Delightfully droll.”

The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Our family is falling apart like your European Union.”

‘Louis Theroux: A Different Brain’ Quotes:
“Lives that no longer seem their own.”

“Kicking the door.”

“Verbal, gestural and physical behaviours.”

“What she did to herself.”

“Mum’s an intruder.”

“A burden that can’t hoover.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I never choked you in the bathtub!”

“You threw microwaves at me!”

“You grabbed me in a physical manner.”

‘Upstart Crow’ Quotes:
“Ingrate whore. Stinksome strumpet.”

“Gangs of geographically named Dukes who wander on at random.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese proves she is a horrible person who lacks moral courage.


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